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The Wages Of Sin...

Liam is now left to run a hydrocarbon detector over Jane Doe's scraps of clothing, and picks up a burned, bubbly piece of plastic, quite possibly an ID card. Gil chooses that moment to pop in the doorway and say excitedly, "I hear our victim is still alive." "Not for long. Eighty percent of her body covered in third-degree burns? If you go by the standard rule for burn survival -- the patient's age plus the percentage of the body covered in burns -- we better hope she's less than twenty years old, since any number over 100 generally isn't good," Liam replies. Oh, he does not. He just says miserably, "I don't see why." Gil says, "She's not ready to let go yet."

The conversation moves on to what Liam found all over the clothing, and guess what? It's cheap vodka. Jane Doe was soaking in it. Gil theorizes that it was used as an accelerant, and now he's moved on to asking how Jane Doe could have taken a vodka bath at the top of the hill, then ended up a charcoal briquette at the bottom. He concludes, "I don't think she was caught in the fire. I think she started it."

Meanwhile, in another part of the lab, Sara's processing the broken vodka bottle. She finds a fingerprint on it which matches to one Patrick Bromley. Or, as we HBO-watchers might call him, Prior Walter. He used to be a busboy, but now he drives big rigs. Sara shares this with Gil who says, "He's a trucker. Let me guess: he's on the road." Not anymore, he's not. Vartann is currently working on bringing him in. Do you suppose Vartann is also softening Prior Walter up for the CSIs by making repeated cracks about his weight? Sara also did a quick end run around him, telling Gil, "The company tracks its trucks by GPS and they were kind enough -- under threat of subpoena -- to provide Prior Walter's route data for the last 24 hours. And what do you know?" Sara's last comment is directed at the computer screen, as it shows that Prior Walter was in the area of the fire an hour before someone called it in. A half-hour before that, he was at the local Gas-n-Sip. Gil's all, "Try to get the video surveil--" and Sara's all, "I'm on top of it, old man. Don't you wish you could keep up with me? Wouldn't you have fun trying?" Well, not really, but the impish attitude says it. I'm enjoying scorned-and-recovering Sara a lot more than I enjoyed Pining Sara.

And now we meet Prior Walter, who's not exactly happy because "You pull [me] off a route, that costs me money." Vartann immediately establishes a rapport with, "Hey. Shut up." You think he's smooth here, you should see him at wedding receptions. Anyway, Sara references the video footage, which shows an attractive, dark-haired woman (who is presumably Jane Done) getting into the cab. Prior Walter says he picked her up while she was hitchhiking on Sunset, and claims he dropped her off on Blue Diamond Road.

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