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The Wages Of Sin...

Sara picks up the broken bottleneck, sniffs it, and says, "I didn't think you could smell vodka." She would know. Gil alludes to the quality of the vodka with a sardonic, "Well, that depends how long it was distilled." Sara sniffs again and decides we're looking at the cheap stuff. Gil says, "Ironically, the word for 'vodka' comes from the Russian phrase 'zhizennia voda.' Water of life." Actually, as the folks on the forums are happy to tell you, it comes from the Russian phrase for "wheat water," which is "pshenichnaya voda."

But Gil's line allows us to transition to the swimming pool what killed little Dani so we can have our moment of irony for the episode, and then we're back inside the Stewarts' huge, awful house. Warrick is dusting the banister for prints when Emergency Backup David comes up and asks if he could please have the bodies released to the morgue. Warrick's all, "That would be a question for the boss lady. She's upstairs to the right." And now we know who's got a kink about women in power.

As Catherine works the bed, she tells Nicky she's found some long brunette hairs on the pillows. Since the wife was a blonde, this raises all sorts of interesting possibilities. Emergency Backup David comes up to begin asking for the bodies, and Catherine apologizes before explaining that they'll need to keep the bodies in their original position for a little while longer. Nicky strives for relevancy with, "Yeah. A crime scene this messy, you gotta break out the big guns, you know what I mean?" Emergency Backup David can't even be bothered to reply before he leaves.

Then Nicky segues into what feels like a product placement: "Hey. Did you know Ecklie volunteered the lab to evaluate this scanner for 3rdTech?" Catherine says cynically, "I'm sure he's hoping they'll give us one for free." "I wouldn't count on it, but I am going to enjoy using this while it's here. Virtual crime scene sketch sure beats doing it by hand." We then see the 3rdTech 3D laser scanner recreating the same scene it just washed with bright red light.

Then we cut to a brunette who barely has time to absorb how the entire Stewart family is dead before Brass is accusing her of bonking Morgan. The woman, who is Morgan's assistant, reacts to this suggestion by saying icily, "I wasn't sleeping with Morgan, and if you knew him, you wouldn't bother implying it. He was devoted to his wife. He was a wonderful father." Brass asks if the assistant was in the bedroom, and she replies that she wasn't. Brass says, "Then you wouldn't mind giving us a sample of your hair." The assistant replies, "I'd be glad to...as soon as you show me a court order." Without missing a beat, Brass asks, "You know how that makes you look?" The assistant snaps, "Save it. I'm pre-law." HA! I love it.

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