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The Wages Of Sin...

Catherine and Warrick proceed to search for the parents inside the McMansion. I hope they brought provisions; they're going to be there awhile. As they head through the kitchen, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is on the television again -- I love how this Viacom property's willing to pimp Time Warner's channel -- and Warrick eventually notices the dead Corinne Stewart slumped on the stairs. She's lying there face-down and going head-first, and her blood's dripped down the stairs' open wall. Warrick and Catherine conclude that Corinne fell forward as she ran down the stairs.

As Warrick and Catherine head up the stairs, he comments, "Lots of pictures of the kid. The family revolved around the child." Catherine replies, "[That's the] way it should be." I pause the TiVo so I can laugh long and hard. Once that's over with, we take in the broken picture glass on some of the framed photos; they've been knocked askew, and Warrick thinks they might have been damaged during a struggle. As the CSIs head up the stairs, we hear Corinne's blood drip, drip, dripping and get a shot of a blood drop hitting a puddle. It's a lot of flash for no good reason at all, other that it looks cool.

Once Warrick and Catherine head inside the bedroom, they see Morgan Stewart sprawled on the bed; he appears to have taken a shot to the underside of his jaw, but his head is remarkably intact. Warrick seems taken aback by the tableau and groans, "What a scene." The scene also contains a lot of glass on the rug. Morgan's got the gun in his hand, where his fingers are wrapped rather loosely around it, and there's a whole lot of blood on the bed and the floor. Warrick asks Catherine what she's thinking and she replies, "Maybe murder-suicide."

Warrick's not so sure. He notes that the gun appears to have been wiped clean, and Catherine asks, "You thinking a professional hit?" We see it in flashback, and Warrick asks, "What about the little girl?" and Catherine suggests, "Loose end?" We see another flashback where the child asks, "Mommy, why is everyone screaming?" while two legs loom ominously in the background. Warrick sums up the entire situation with, "We have three bodies in three locations -- a lot of variables."

Back at the big burn scene, the carrion birds cry in the background as Sara and Gil climb up the hill to the ridge where the fire purportedly started. Sara finds a burnt chunk of plastic she identifies "the business end of a disposable lighter. Could be an ignition source." Gil lurches on over -- the climb up the hill was pretty rough on him -- and calls Sara's attention to a broken glass liquor bottle. Sara muses, "Possible accelerant," and Gil replies, "Or possible martini." That exchange would have been a lot funnier if Sara and Gil had reversed their lines.

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