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Anyway, Liam's a little freaked out, and he breathes, "I hope the morphine's working." Dr. Feelgood tells him, "Third-degree burns are painless. The nerves are burned away. She's not conscious of what's happening to her." Liam looks at Jane Doe's mottled black-and-red face one more time and says, "Not now." I hope you liked that moment: it's the last one in this episode in which Liam alludes, directly or indirectly, to his own wounds.

In the next scene, he's managed to make it into the operating room where the burn team's working on Jane Doe. After he tells Dr. Feelgood he'll need any clothes, plus any trace evidence found on the body, Dr. Feelgood says, "We'll save what we can during debridement." Former burn victim Liam asks, "Debridement?" and Dr. Feelgood explains, "We scrape off the dead flesh, then cover it with cadaver skin. We then wrap it with gauze. It prevents infection and allows the remaining tissue to heal." And I realize "debridement" comes from the French débrider, which has its roots in the literal translation of the Middle French verb "debrider," or "to unbridle," but I see that word and I think "debridement" is what wedding planners do after a high-maintenance client finally takes off on her honeymoon. ["If I know what 'debridement' means from watching ER, I find it hard to believe that Liam doesn't. Clumsy explanation, writers." -- Sars]

Anyway, the doctor takes a moment to hand Jane Doe's recently-removed wedding band to Liam, then comments dispassionately, "She's going to lose those fingers." Liam gapes, horrified.

Meanwhile, in a B-plot across town, a team of EMTs are going through the motions on a little girl who's been fished out of the backyard pool. Catherine and Warrick look all somber, so it falls to Brass to exposit for us all: "Kid's name is Dani Stewart. She's five. Neighbors saw her floating facedown in the pool from their second-story balcony and called 911." Warrick wants to know why these same neighbors didn't call 911, and Brass says, "They couldn't get in the gate. [pause so we can all anticipate the irony-laden line ahead] Child-proof lock." Catherine sighs, "No key, no access." Warrick adds, "Parents protected their kid to death." Catherine judgmentally inquires as to the parents' whereabouts now, and Brass is all, "Shot dead inside the house. Do you feel like a jerk yet?" Well, his eyebrows say that. The rest of him just sighs wearily, "Home."

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