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The Wages Of Sin...

Long story short: one balmy afternoon a few short days ago, Neal and Morgan were hanging out and having a few beers. Neal got a splinter and went to the bathroom to get the first aid equipment. He found the thermometer; knowing that Corinne had had her tubes tied, Neal quickly figured out who was using the thermometer and what it was doing at the Stewarts' house. He explains, "He said it was Corinne's idea. They were trying to help us." Then we go into flashback. As the two men throw down -- Neal being upset over Morgan impregnating his wife under the guise of doing him a favor -- Morgan calls for Corinne to call the police. She's by the pool, and rather than drag her daughter out of the water first, she lets Dani bob along with only a flimsy flotation device to keep her head above water, and runs into the house to see what's going on. It figures. Nine years of working as a lifeguard left me with a lasting appreciation for the near-infinite variety of ways in which parents neglect their children's safety in and around large bodies of water. Anyway, Corinne arrives in the bedroom just in time to see Neal shoot Morgan, then runs off to call the cops; Neal shoots her before she can do that, saying weakly, "She could've called the cops. I was just trying to stop her." The bloodbath over, "I didn't know what to do, so I called Tara. When she came over, she saw what I had done. She freaked out."

We flash back to the two of them having the kind of conversation that, inexplicably, is not overheard by the same neighbors who manage to notice a little girl's body at the bottom of the pool, i.e. Tara screaming. "Are you out of your mind? Do you know what you've done?" and Neal wailing, "This is all because of you!" The conversation is interrupted by Tara noticing Dani's body and attempting a rescue, who knows how long after the fact.

Without bothering to explain why the two of them then dumped the little girl back in the drink, Neil explains that Tara decided "we didn't deserve to live, either of us. And then she just ran out of the door. I was afraid she was going to try to kill herself." But clearly not in agreement on the didn't-deserve-to-live business. Neal defends the whole wretched mess with, "All we wanted was a baby." And instead, you got four dead bodies. After all, Tara "I don't deserve to live" Matthews took out another innocent man during her suicide attempt, and who knows how many animals and whatnot in that fire she started.

And with that, we're done. The camera pans from the dead bodies of the Stewart family to the inert body of Tara. Her eyes snap open, and the camera lingers for a moment, but we're unable to tell if she's aware of anything at all.

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