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The Wages Of Sin...

Back in the lab, Warrick ambles on over to hang out with Nicky as he examines the computer 3D model he made of the crime scene. Nicky shows Warrick the trajectory angles of the shots, and the two of them realize that Morgan wasn't lying on the bed when he shot himself. He was moved from someplace on the floor. This is pretty compelling evidence that someone else shot Morgan. Nicky reasons, "Maybe Neal or Tara Matthews has blood on their clothes," and Warrick replies, "Time to check the house." We pan to Gil and Sara walking through the corridor that doubles as the Matthews Marriage Shrine, and the two of them proceed to work the cavernous house. I wonder if the CSIs ever look around these McMansions and wonder why more bourgeois homeowners haven't read Sarah Susanka's The Not So Big House and begun demanding better, more compact architecture in response.

Anyway, we go into yet another montage with the camera lingering on a fully-stocked nursery -- seriously, the kid won't be lacking for entertainment until he's seven -- and we see Sara crouching in a walk-in closet the size of my living room and running an ALS over all of Neal's pants. Gil's going through Tara's equally capacious dressing room. Eventually, Sara finds a shard of glass in a pair of Neal's shoes, and Gil finds another basal body temperature thermometer secreted in a drawer.

Cut to Gil bursting into Catherine's office -- knocking as he comes in, a gesture that seems quintessentially Grissomian in that it recognizes territorial custom while disregarding its importance -- and dishing on basal body temperature thermometers. Catherine mulls this for a moment, and then the penny drops: "I was just looking at Corinne Stewart's autopsy report, and she had a tubal ligation, so she obviously wasn't trying to get pregnant." Gil concludes, "Tara was."

When we get back from commercials, the camera pans across the somewhat medieval looking tangle of wires, poles, and tubes required so that the lab might get a urine sample from the unconscious Tara. David then dips the little testing stick, and within minutes, it's confirmed: Tara is pregnant. Apparently, when you've suffered a massive, systemic shock like getting third degree burns over 80% of your body, you're in no danger of miscarriage. But ride Space Mountain once, and everyone's squawking about placental abruption. Gil more or less says the same thing. Shockingly, he doesn't raise the roller coaster issue. Catherine sighs, "The body is designed to protect your baby. I don't know. All that trauma and morphine. It'll be a miracle if she brings it to term." Gil's wondering as to who the father is, and argues that it's probably Morgan, since the broken basal body temperature thermometer in the Stewarts' bedroom implies that she was trying to conceive while in his bed and not her own. Catherine wonders if Neal was shooting blanks, and theorizes, "Neal and Morgan were best friends --" "Somebody she may have felt comfortable with," Gil finishes.

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