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The Young Turks in winter

After the commercials, Extremo is busy filing toward the back of the bar. As Nicky and Vega stop the main singer, he gives them a shiny plastic smile and says, "Leave your card, and I'll send you an autographed picture, huh?" Nicky gives a tight smile and a laugh that indicates how unfunny he thinks the little gibe was. As Nicky goes to follow the guy, a second man who bears an uncanny resemblance to a retaining wall stops him with, "I'm their manager. You got something you want to ask the band, you ask me first."

Nicky plays along, asking what El Jefe can tell him about the song Extremo just played. The manager's all, "Why do you want to know?" and Nicky says, "Quite frankly, those lyrics are very similar to a homicide we're investigating." With innocence radiating from every pore, El Jefe smiles that the narco corrido is over a decade old, and it's a classic. He points to Vega and says, "I'm surprised you haven't heard it." "Well, I prefer the musical stylings of Ozomatli, as opposed to the adenoidal shriekings of thug mariachi," Vega snaps. Or something to that effect. El Jefe declines to defend Extremo's craft. He then tells Nicky to buy a CD on the way out, and Nicky says, "I might do that. Hey, listen -- one more thing: don't you worry that your name might confuse Gary Cherone, and one day he'll be twirling around on stage in spandex pants and saddle shoes while you're trying to sing about brutally killing someone?"

Actually, Nicky wants to ask about Veronica, or as El Jefe recognizes her, Carla. "She's dead?" El Jefe asks. Nicky confirms this is so. El Jefe visibly struggles to say something that can't be construed as either tasteless or giving false testimony. He settles on, "She was a loyal fan. She knew the words to every song we did. Anything else?" Nicky and Vega gape for a while.

And now, some strange brunette is wandering the Labitrail, rounding the corner and entering the office of some strange bearded man. Oh, wait. It's Sara and Gil. It's just that we so rarely see them. They then have this conversation:

Sara: You got a minute?
What Sara Meant To Say: You got a minute?
Gil: Sure.
What Gil Meant To Say: Why isn't the button triggering the trap door working? Gil wants OUT!
Sara: We really haven't had a chance to talk since the staff changes --
What Sara Meant To Say: Why are you ignoring me? Is it Sofia?
Sara: -- I, uh, I wanted to let you know I said some things to Ecklie that might have done the team a disservice.

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