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The Young Turks in winter

Because we have no Brass to exposit for us, Vega must fill in. He does, ably: "I had a big dose of them when I worked the gang unit in L.A....the scumbags who listen to that music, Sinaloa cowboys. Big drug producers." Catherine catches us all up with, "Okay. We've got a female victim with a degree. Mexican artwork. Drugs. And Sinaloa cowboys." So we're looking one of two things: an eclectic individual, or the world's toughest Jeopardy! board.

We then transition to the outside of a building, and a parking lot packed with a lot of cowboy-hat-wearing guys. The strains of a mariachi band tuning up can be heard over their conversations. Vega and Nicky go striding through the parking lot. They've both elected to leave the "LAW ENFORCEMENT! ESTAMOS LA POLICIA!" blinking neon signs behind, because Vega's Men's Wearhouse special and Nicky's narrow black leather motocross jacket are ample warning that these two are out of their depth. We go inside, and the place is rocking as the guy from Veronica's flyer sings, "No me puedes negar / lo que te hago sentir / No me puedes negar / Lo que sientes por mi." Then the accordion takes us to the finish. Remember how last week I said some instruments just scream class? Anyway, loosely translated, what this means is "I can't deny / that I will make you regret this / I can't deny / what you feel for me." Anyway, some guy in the audience attempts to get the audience all hepped up, but he's no Don Francisco.

The band then takes us into the tender ballad: "Yo me paso las noches tomado / Quierendo olvidar / su recuerdo / buena aquella noche maldita…" Meanwhile, Vega asks the zonked-out looking bartender, "Conoces esta muchacha?" Or for those playing along on the solamente-ingles version, the guy was singing, "I spend the nights taken / because I want to forget the memory / of that damn good night…" And Vega was asking the bartender, "Hey! You know this girl?" At least, I hope that's what everyone was saying, or my translation skills are rustier than I thought. The bartender replies that it's Carla. Nicky's all, "Are you sure it's not Veronica?" And the bartender replies that she may well be Veronica, but she done told him her name was Carla. Only not nearly so colloquially as the above exchange would imply. Anyway, we learn that Veronica did hang out at the bar a lot. Nicky turns his attention back to the stage in time to hear, "…Se que por ser poderoso / que mi vida mas pasaria…" or something along the lines of "That's being powerful / that my life more has happened…" Nicky asks if Veronica was palling around with the band, and the bartender's all, "If by 'palling around,' you mean 'montando al cantante de plomo tenga gusto de un toro del rodeo,' then yes, they were friends." He also points out that Extremo is the bestest hardcore mariachi band ever, and invites the guys to take a listen.

They do, just in time to hear, "Yo soy malo / y no puedo negar / Que desde me acuerdo no he sido / La vieja resulta mentirosa." Or, if you're me: "I am bad / and I cannot deny / that's for me to decide that I've been / the old girl's a liar." Vega provides another off-the-cuff translation of the song, which ends on the upbeat lyrics: "She stole my heart. So I stole her life." Too bad he was talking through the song, so all I got out of it was "but however, I took her life." Nicky watches the lead singer of Extremo sing something along the lines of, "I made a snake eat a snake." Well, there you go. We're in for a sensational trial where someone claims hostile mariachi music drove them to kill.

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