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The Young Turks in winter

Back in the A-plot, Vega, Catherine, and Nicky are wandering around an apartment. Conveniently enough, the bridgework belonged to a Veronica Juarez. She's got no immediate family in the States and no roommate on the lease with her. Catherine says dismissively, "That's why bangers have girlfriends -- to sign things they can't." And that's why this episode has Catherine -- to jump to conclusions early in the episode. Nicky comments on how nice the place is, and Catherine agrees. Vega sees something and calls them all over. Perhaps he's stumbled across the rogue flamenco guitarist who's been scoring this scene. Actually, he's called them over to check out Veronica's college diploma. For the curious, she got a B.S. in communications from the University of Texas El Paso. Interestingly enough, there's no date on the diploma. Nor is there any signature from a governor. Then again, if there's an outside chance your governor would have signed in crayon, I can see where you'd want to spare everyone the embarrassment. Catherine says, "Gangbanger girlfriend with a degree?" "Sounds like a rock band," Nicky deadpans. Or a premise as wacky as a stripper who turned into a CSI supervisor, Catherine. Vega looks at Veronica's shelves, which are crammed with books and assorted ethnic-art-looking things. Nicky's stuck on gangbanger girlfriend with a degree's desk, and begins noodling around on her computer. Catherine's using an ALS to see if she can pull up semen on the bed. Then Nicky moves to the digital camera, and we see many shots of Veronica dressed in a cowboy hat and draped over another Latino also in cowboy gear. Nicky calls Vega over to check out the pictures and adds rather unnecessarily, "Think she liked to party?" Is "party" a code word for "wore a flamboyant hat and was seen in the company of men not her husband"? And is that code for "liked to have sex"? Because if that's the case, we've solved the crime already: Veronica was another one of those hussies who had the nerve to enjoy sex, and was therefore killed for her licentiousness. A dozen previous episodes spent dispatching tarts to the afterlife don't lie.

Vega notes, "That barely looks like the same girl." Well, you try losing your hair and your body below the neck and see how well your looks hold up and -- ohhhhhh. He's talking about the shiny, happy Veronica we've seen in the other pictures around her apartment. Catherine points out that there's no signs of sexual activity, which argues pretty strongly against the hussy-deserved-it plotline and Catherine's gangbanger girlfriend with a degree angle. Unless she was a gangbanger girlfriend with a degree in a chaste relationship. However, Catherine does find a small plastic envelope filled with...beads? No, apparently it's crystal meth. Catherine points out, "You could be up for a week straight on that stuff and not even know it." Nicky replies, "It's the perfect drug for this town." Vega pops back in the scene with, "You think our vic was a groupie?" Catherine describes the poster perfectly with: "A mariachi band. With artillery."

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