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The Young Turks in winter

Finally! We get our Strip shot. Thank God. I was beginning to wonder where this show takes place. The scene switches to the very top of a parking structure well off-Strip. It's fairly empty. Brass quickly explains to Warrick that the vic du jour's in the driver's seat of the handicapped van. He's Vincent DeCarlo, age 28, and whoever killed him was interested in neither his 500 bucks nor his Nevada license. Warrick calls shotgun and hops in the van. He looks over at the late Vincent and comments that he's dressed quite nattily for someone who was chauffeuring around a bleak gray van. Emergency Backup David doesn't bother to respond. So Warrick tries a different line of inquiry, asking if there's any chance the late Vincent was using that there wheelchair lurking in back of the van. Emergency Backup David checks the late Vincent's legs and shoes, noting, "He's not wearing prosthetics and his soles are worn." That would be a no on the wheelchair, then. Emergency Backup David adds, "Gunshot wound to the head. It looks like it came through the windshield." Warrick looks haunted. That's probably because Sofia just crawled across the windshield and turned to the boys inside to say, "Crater in the windshield faces out, which means that the shell came from inside the van." What, did Ecklie teach his stealth moves to all his underlings? We then get the lamest new special effect ever -- Sofia imagining the crime kind of in reverse, as the bullet whizzes backward through the windshield, then back out through an unbroken windshield. Warrick looks unsettled by this too. Or just dyspeptic. Sofia then says, "So he's tapped out. Catherine asked if I could lend a hand." Who is this "he" to whom she refers? Did we miss part of an earlier conversation? Are we establishing that Sofia operates on her own planet, and its wildly erratic orbit intersects ours only infrequently? Both Warrick and Emergency Backup David look as if someone just gave them a wedgie.

Sofia stomps around to the back of the van. I have no personal objection to either the character or the actress, but I cannot fathom why Louise Lombard elects to have Sofia lurch around like she's on a pair of rented shins. After she hops into the back of the van, Warrick regains the power of speech, asking Emergency Backup David, "You see that blood spot on the lapel? It's inconsistent with the head wound. To avoid cross-contamination, do you think you could cut it out for me?" Emergency Backup David sure can. He's so agreeable. Sofia lurks in the back of the van, possibly preparing to scare the bejeesus out of Warrick from a different angle. Actually, she's telling us all about the possible GSR on the back of the driver's chair, which indicates that the shots were fired from the wheelchair. Warrick's all, "How'd he shoot him in the face?" Sofia calls, "Hey, Vinnie," and when the little flashbacked guy turns around, she makes the appropriate sound effects while pointing her index finger. Unlike the rest of us, however, her finger is lethal. It wings Vinnie in the head and blows a hole in the windshield. Warrick's still skeptical: "We got a guy that fired a shot from the wheelchair, then escaped on foot." Sofia looks thoughtful.

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