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The Young Turks in winter

Warrick asks nervously where the firearm is now. You can tell he's developed the impression that Stuart's about to kill himself rather than turn himself in, and after a tense few moments, so do we. The monologue about how the world's changed and the enemy are parasites like telemarketers who prey on the elderly doesn't allay that impression. Warrick eventually gets the gun, but he doesn't look happy about it at all. And indeed, who would?

And now, back to figuring out who killed Veronica. Catherine's comparing the tire treads on the leather jacket with those made by the tires they lifted from the yard, and getting nowhere fast. Nicky comes in share the news that the palm prints don't belong to Rafael; Catherine counters that the tire tracks don't match either. Nicky points out, "There is one place the victim was where there are a whole lot of these [big-assed truck] tires." That would be the parking lot of the bar in which Veronica did her undercover work. We cut a scene where lab techs and LVPD people are crawling all over the place, yet there's nary a patron to be found. How convenient! Nicky stops by one particularly excessive truck and notices something wedged in a front tire track. It doesn't require any especial CSI-sight -- this truck and its wheels are so enormous as to make it possible for small dogs and countertop appliances to fall into the crevices of the tire treads without affecting the vehicle's smooth, fuel-burning ride. Nicky calls Vega over, and after peering intently at it, they're all, "Bag this. It's the fifty-six minute mark. Let's bring in someone and wrap this case up."

Inside, Extremo has come to the same conclusion, singing something that can loosely be translated as, "Hey, our lead singer convinces even us he's a bad-ass / which is why he's a lead singer / but that doesn't mean he's a killer / because it would cut into the time he spends practicing all his broody looks." Or something along those lines. Nicky immediately collars the bartender Juanito, and we establish that Juanito's got the night off. He has big plans and a hat to match. He asks sleepily (or stoned), "You still looking for Carla?" Nicky's all menacing with, "No. We're looking for you." We confirm that Juanito does indeed own a full-blown "conchito mobile" (translation: "I said bag the 401(k) -- what I really want is a super-expensive truck that'll depreciate at light speed") and Vega snaps, "Oh, your pig-mobile. Nice name." Just then, the closed-captioning silently compliments Juanito on his cool belt. Audibly, he says to Nicky's silent glare, "Yeah." We notice a big hank of hair hanging from the belt. Oh, that's not obvious at all. And then we get dialogue again, with Nicky opining that it's a cool belt and Juanito getting all nervous. Juanito picks this moment to make a break for it, and as he gives chase, Nicky screams, "No, no, no, no, NO!" Well, it's about time someone on this show got loud. Someone's hollering, "Muevan se por a tras!" which is another way to say, "Move it!" Every man in the place in the place instantly goes for the piece he keeps tucked into the waistband of his pressed-and-starched Wranglers. Nicky and Vega hold off ten dozen drunken, armed, and irritated music-lovers with the sheer force of Nicky's twanged, "Este muchacho mate a una senorita innocente! Innocente! INNOCENTE!" It's so cute how he screams his Spanish with a Texas accent. And would you like to know what he's shouting? It's "This boy killed an innocent girl! Innocent! Innocent!" Since fans of narco corridos are known for their enlightened approach to innocent women and their right not to be killed in gruesome ways, the crowd quickly parts like the Red Sea and lets Nicky and Vega leave with Juanito. As they leave, Nicky's screaming a phrase he no doubt memorized in a number of languages during the Rage Diary heyday -- "Tiene que pagar" -- they must pay, they must pay, they must pay.

Back in the interrogation tank, Vega's saying with some frustration, "I don't understand you, Juanito. You manage to stay out of the gangs, the drugs. You're making honest money --" "What? Seven dollars an hour?" Juanito says derisively. Nicky says virtuously, "It's better than the joint. I can promise you that. Besides, you didn't prove anything taking the life of an innocent woman." Juanito posits that Veronica handed him the perfect opportunity to impress the narco corrido crowd. We see that Juanito ran Veronica down in the street. Presumably, getting hit by a vehicle the size of Jean, Nevada while it's accelerating is what did her in.

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