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The Young Turks in winter

Commercial time. I mention this only because I get to see some long-haired Don Juan de Marco guy making sweet love to chickens in the El Pollo Loco commercials. In light of this episode, it seems like perhaps not the greatest example of advertiser/show synergy. Apparently this man promises his birds "a delectable dance of delight," and tangos with his dinner. I vow never to step into any place which regards amorous gourmands molesting their food as a positive development.

Anyway, back to the episode. In the lab, Sofia's eyeballing the bullets and coming to the conclusion that maybe the inscription "K DWM K 480C" could be significant. She begins running a comparison in a bullet database and finds a 9 MM entry that matches. "Deutschland uber alles," she says to herself. Because she's an Axis spy. I knew that walk was suspicious!

Sofia stiff-legs it into the lounge where Warrick's working and tells him, "I identified the casings found at the scene. They don't match Dax Blanchard's 9-mil. Did he have any other firearms?" None that were registered, it appears. Sofia hands over a photo of the bullet, noting that the stamp on the casing was a little unusual, as it's not every day you see bullets cranked out by the Deutsche Waffen und Munitions Fabrik. Warrick breathes, "That's World War II-era German." Sofia shrugs, "It's one thing to collect old guns -- old ammunition comes from a trophy. An enemy gun a soldier brings back from battle." And that's how Warrick is led around to the conclusion that the shooter's an old soldier.

Cut to Stuart Manslow explaining, "Bonnie had Alzheimer's, you know. And that son of a monster sold her twice a day. Once in the morning, and again that night." Oh, this can be going nowhere upbeat. For one, Stuart's chatting in the dark. For another, he's staring out the window like a man who's already been sentenced. Warrick just stands and stares, wondering why he always gets stuck dealing with the senior citizens who are truly heartbreaking cases. Stuart continues: the dead rat bastard Vinnie knew Bonnie had no memory, and thus gleefully committed elder fraud in the name of bulking up his sales. Warrick asks politely, "And what did you do about it, sir?" Stuart explains that when Vincent started calling him, he played along, then told Vincent he didn't have a checking account: "So the bastard offered to drive me to the bank. I wanted him to think I was weak, so I borrowed Bonnie's wheelchair. He drove me to the bank, pushed me right up to the teller. Oh, he was hopeful. And then he drove me back to the casino...nobody parks on the roof. I would have killed him in one shot. Lousy shakes. But I got him good the second one. Been a long time since I had to kill someone."

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