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The Young Turks in winter

Nicky comes in then to share the news that the palm prints aren't Zapata's. Catherine reminds him that all it means is that Zapata didn't put Veronica's head in the newspaper box; her blood was on the jacket he had in his store. Catherine adds that Veronica was crunched to death by "a big-ass truck tire." The big-assed truck also happens to be a retread, and there's only one place in Vegas that does business like that.

In a most improbable coincidence, guess who happens to be working at the tire center that sells all these retreads? Did you guess "the lead singer of Extremo"? Well, you'd get a cookie, but I'm thinking you got advance information courtesy of watching the episode. Nicky calls the guy over with, "I'll take that autograph now." That's pretty suave for Nicky. The guy gives him a look like, I know! And here I thought you were put on this earth for me to make fun of! and comes over. He explains to Catherine that yes, he was dating the woman he thought was Carla, until Veronica Juarez's article came out. Then he figured out who it was "and I dumped her ass, what do you think? She put down my music, my band, made it look like everyone involved with narco corridos was a drug dealer or a criminal." That this guy happily sings songs about crime, then complains that people associate him with criminal doings, does not go unregistered on Catherine's Irony-O-Meter. He's actually pretty torqued that Veronica lied to him. The actor playing this guy is doing a fabulous job of conveying that it wasn't merely a matter of his old lady bashing the band; he felt as though a very personal trust had been violated. Extremo guy continues, "Narco corridos are an entertainment. The drugs, they're an economic necessity interwoven in the fabric of Sineloa history. The music does nothing more than reflect that." Catherine counters that narco corridos depict actual events." "So does the six o'clock news," Extremo man shoots back. Oh, snap. Catherine tries to goad Extremo man into saying Veronica deserved to die, and he sets her straight: "I'm saying she was a two-faced bitch who got off on our music at night, and wrote about how disgusting we were during the day -- when she was the one smoking, and snorting, and screwing everything she could find." Catherine points out that lab tests show Veronica wasn't doing drugs, and sneers, "I seriously doubt she was having sex with you." Extremo man winces to let us all know Catherine hit him where he lived. He repeats that he didn't kill Veronica, but he's not surprised some other little go-getter did.

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