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You're Not My Real Dad, Gil!

Warrick, meanwhile, is contemplating Gene's car, looking for something, anything to connect him to Aimee's death. Is it just me, or did this change from the car Gil was in? I'm a little confused. Anyway, he finds all of Matt Phelps's stolen awards in the van, and promptly takes them to Gil, angrily announcing that Gene has been in Phelps' house. Gil listens for a moment, then points out, "If this is evidence, it needs to be tagged and catalogued." Warrick shoots back, "This is the same guy who shot Matt's daughter in the head, and he's walking around, laughing at us." "Can you prove that?" Gil presses. Warrick gestures angrily to the awards and asks loudly, "What is this? I've been putting away guys like this for years, and now that it matters, it's like you're holding me back here." The raised voice is beginning to attract attention; we see Liam The Lab Tech hovering in a nearby doorway, warily watching, and a non-lab type stops in the hall to listen. Gil reminds him, "Your job, Warrick, is to process evidence, objectively, and without prejudice." Warrick dismisses Gil with, "I'm so tired of hearing that!" What? It's not like Gil's been harping on that during this episode at all.

However, having already leaped off the cliff, Warrick decides to go out in style with, "I've heard it a million times! I can't be like you! I'm not a robot, okay?" Gil looks genuinely wounded. Warrick keeps going, "I actually care about these people!" Cue Jacqui the fingerprint tech from a few episodes back leaning over to watch the fireworks. Gil struggles to grasp the right words for a moment, then recovers his cool enough to say, "You know what? You're not working this case anymore. I'll have another assignment for you tomorrow." Cut to Bob the ballistics tech watching in gape-mouthed trepidation. Damn -- when the Labitrail become the Panopticon? Nobody's got any privacy. Warrick tells Gil angrily to stuff his lab assignment, storms out of the lab, slams into some poor, hapless, nameless cart-wielding lab flunky, then stalks off past his shocked coworkers. Everyone immediately finds something interesting around the vicinity of their shoelaces. Gil looks furious as he watches Warrick go, then looks around. Cut to people doing guilty double-takes. He asks Bobby shortly, "Where were we." "At a dead end," Bobby says apologetically. "Go back to work," Gil commands. Everyone does.

Off in the rainbows-and-kittens portion of the Labitrail, where news of the confrontation has not yet spread, Nicky's walking down the hall toward the Geek Cave. He's waylaid by Liam. Now that I can get a better look at Liam, I just have to ask: Is he taking his hairstyling clues from the blokes on Manchester United? Anyway, Liam's all, "Hey, Stokes. We gotta talk." Nicky plows on and asks about the plastic scraping, and Liam tells him it's a very common plastic indeed, P.E.T., used in everything from garbage bags to floppy disks. Nicky thanks him, and Liam says, "That's not what I wanted to talk about." Nicky's all ears. Liam makes the head-jerking, let's-pretend-we-have-privacy movement, and the impish music starts up, so you know this is supposed to be all lighthearted, as opposed to the Sturm und Drang we witnessed a few minutes ago.

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