Random Acts Of Violence

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You're Not My Real Dad, Gil!

More specifically, we're with David The Extremely Somber Coroner and Gil; David's telling Gil, "Bullet entered through the throat, severing the spinal column. C2's adjacent to the brain stem. Sever that, respiration shuts down, resulting in almost immediate death." David then picks up the bullet for inspection and shows Gil the wood splinters embedded in the jacket; Gil points out that the bullet did go through a bookcase. We establish that the bullet is a 9MM. Gil quietly thanks David, picks up the bullet, and heads into the ballistics lab. Bobby greets him, and Warrick wanders over to watch as Bobby begins processing the bullet. Gil gives Warrick a concerned look. Bobby then announces that they have a match 'twixt bullet and gun. Gil asks, "You're sure?" Bobby's sure. Warrick says with no small amount of vengeful satisfaction, "We got him!" Gil looks at Bobby, then back at Warrick, finally realizing that he may have misread how Warrick would have handled this case.

Meanwhile, Brass is busy talking to Gene. They go back and forth for a while on why Gene shot at Jason Gilbert; Gene claims to have no idea who Jason is, and that he didn't shoot anyone. Brass counters that according to Jason's lady friend, Gene was her personal almost-stalker. Gene assesses her credibility ("lying bitch!") and then claims he found that gun, it was jammed, and he cleared it. Brass shouts, "You cleared it all right -- right into Mr. Phelps's home!" You know, just once, I'd like Brass to pull this act in an interrogation and actually be right, as opposed to wasting his time and ours. Anyway, we establish that Gene actually threatened the bartender with an empty gun. When Brass questions the efficacy of such a tactic, Gene reasonably points out that the bartender didn't know it was empty. He then says he can point out where he found the gun -- back of Washington Avenue, next to a big yellow dumpster. From behind the one-way mirror, Warrick snorts, "Oh, come on. That's it? That's his genius story?" Beside him, Gil points out, "We only found a small amount of GSR on his hands. Could have been transfer from just picking up the murder weapon." Warrick ignores this and insists that Gene's lying, and Gil gives him another assessing, worried look.

Within minutes, we're at Gene's place, where we discover he's been sidelining as an electronics reseller, cutting out such overhead as rent for a commercial space or actual payment to the manufacturers of said electronics and passing the savings on to his customers. Gil deadpans to Warrick, "Well, either he's buying in bulk, or that stuff's hot." Warrick reports that he didn't find any guns or ammo inside, but he did get Gene's car keys. It's all rainy and atmospheric in this scene -- either this version of Vegas gets a lot of rain, or all the episodes take place on the handful of days it rains annually -- and the two CSIs head down to search Gene's car. Gil opens the door, peers inside, and announces, "I'm afraid the only bullets in here are silver bullets." Warrick says he may have something -- the silver car has a dent in the bumper, and Warrick's thinking it took out the mailbox. I thought the height more or less eliminated low-slung vehicles like Gene's, but these guys won't come to that conclusion 'til much later in the episode. Gil asks if there's any paint transfer. "Nothing visible," Warrick admits. Gil looks troubled, but says, "Call auto detail. We'll tow it back to the lab." Watching him react to Warrick in this episode is absolutely fascinating; it's almost worth having no actual science to see the way the characters are being developed.

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