Random Acts Of Violence

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You're Not My Real Dad, Gil!

Cut to them walking into an all-white office; it's like seeing The Prisoner. Who is Number One? You are, Nicky. As they walk by a sulky and intense guy clad in all-black, Vega explains that the night shift started at 6 PM. We then pass a girl who's doing her darnedest to channel a riot nrrd version of Bjork circa 1997 and a guy who looks like Artie, the World's Strongest Man, while Nicky continues expositing something that more or less tells us we've met our leading suspects. Then the two guys head into the server room, where Emergency Backup David is crouching among the backup disks. Everybody shudders as the folks at home all learn that thanks to the immense heat servers generate, a server room has to remain quite cool; Nicky says, "Most computers dissipate over two-thirds of the energy they use as heat. The AC's for them, not the worker bees." I wonder if he got that off TechTV. Vega could not care less. He rattles off, "The victim's name is Garrett Kwan. Job title: CTO." Nicky shoots back, "Chief technology officer. T.O.D.?" Emergency Backup David pulls out the meat thermometer and notes, "Ambient here's about 65 degrees, which makes core temp drop roughly two degrees per hour. Figure he's been dead...five to seven hours?" The 86.5 degree temperature would seem to bear that out. Nicky leans in to get a better look at the B-plot: Kwan died from a blow to the head, and there's minimum seepage. We also learn that the paramedics rolled him, as Kwan was found facedown with his head toward the server rack. Nicky and Vega banter over possible egress routes and places to hide a weapon, and then Nicky says, "One dead boss. Three live employees. I like the odds."

Back at the A-plot, Brass is outside with Warrick. As Warrick lays down evidence tags, Brass tells him, "So, Jason Gilbert, the kid who was shot? Wasn't too popular in the neighborhood. Just in a fight last week down the street." Warrick's all, "You saw his girl. She was hot. They were probably macking on her." He and Brass then figure out where the vehicle went and where it was going when its occupant(s) began shooting, aided by an upended mailbox. Brass deadpans, "It's a federal offense to mess with the postal service." Warrick notes that the vehicle took the corner quite hard, and then he rights the mailbox. Brass asks, "Doesn't that dent look high to you? Like a truck or an SUV?" Warrick gives his surprised assent, and Brass cracks, "I'm not just another pretty face, you know." Warrick notices silver paint transfer, but before we can get into that too closely, a deputy comes over and tells them that a guy was brandishing an automatic weapon over at P.J.'s Tavern a few blocks away; he's currently being held at the site.

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