Random Acts Of Violence

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You're Not My Real Dad, Gil!

So Gil follows the path of the bullet to the doorway of Aimee's room and halts for a moment before kneeling beside the bed to inspect the body. We see that the bullet exited her neck and went through a wall on the opposite side of the room; the bullet hole is right above a shelf full of dolls. Warrick appears in the doorway, looks at Aimee for a moment, then takes out his gloves and sits on the bed. Gil finally gives Warrick his full attention as Warrick reaches out a bare hand to smooth down Aimee's hair. He watches Warrick grimace, then asks, "Are you going to be able to handle this?" Oh, Gil, I believe you're becoming more human every day. For one thing, you're picking up on the Earth emotion we call "grief." For another, you just let sentiment get in the way of the correct judgment call -- the minute you realized there was a connection between the victim and Warrick, you should have taken him off the case, as it would have been too easy for whomever the defendant's lawyer is to allege that Warrick's bias threw the case. Assuming Warrick's enough of a professional to handle this case is touching, but it's wrongheaded.

It's also plot fodder, so any intimation that Gil's made a bad management call goes by the wayside as Warrick replies, "I want this case."

Then we go to The Who, in one of the few instances where Gil doesn't get the last line before the credits.

After we're back from credits and commercials, Warrick and Gil are working the wrecked den. Warrick is telling Gil how Matt Phelps's house was broken into a week ago, and whoever did it took all his awards and medals; he adds bitterly that he hopes the items meant as much to the thief as they did to Phelps. Gil gets back to the case: "We're obviously looking for an automatic. The bullets went through the glass, shed their jackets, or disintegrated completely on impact with the wall. All we have left are lead cores, which are of no comparison value." Gil pauses, and the EMTs take that moment to wheel Aimee's body out. Gil watches the body go and says, "The only bullet that may help us is inside that little girl."

And on that cheery note, we go to Nicky and Vega heading inside an office park. See, I told you this episode would be sad. Nicky says, "HyperTrix? Sounds like a breakfast cereal." Yeah, the breakfast of tweakers. Vega says, "Some internet service thing. I stopped thinking about that stuff when I found out my NASDAQ fund was worth less than my son's comic book collection." And this is why you should diversify into money markets, government bonds, and blue-chip stocks, as opposed to trying to ride out a bubble. Nicky then says, "Dot com, dot bomb." Oh, har dee har. Like he wasn't crying in his HyperTrix back in 1997 when he saw those jackballs from TheGlobe.com rolling around on piles of fresh new paper millions. Vega gets back to the case at hand, telling us that the dead body in question is in a restricted area. Nicky and Vega then head into the office building.

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