Random Acts Of Violence

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You're Not My Real Dad, Gil!

Back in the other interrogation room, Gil is explaining the mysteries and wonders of DNA to Tyrell, taking care to draw the connection between the lollipop stick and the van. Brass asks Tyrell if he stole a van from the rec center; Tyrell drops his head. Gil adds, "The van wasn't hot-wired, so I think you knew where Mr. Phelps kept his keys."

Cut to Phelps saying, "Wh-what, why you asking me about Tyrell?" Warrick breaks the news that the vehicle used in the drive-by was the stolen rec center van. It begins to sink in for Phelps -- his actions, which were probably fairly routine, led directly to the death of his daughter. After a long moment that's difficult to watch, he whispers, "Oh, God."

Brass gets all sympathetic with Tyrell, saying, "We know you didn't mean to shoot anyone. It was a stray bullet that hit Aimee Phelps." Tyrell cracks and says, "I wanted to scare him." The lawyer steps in right about then, and Gil leans forward, saying sympathetically, "Tyrell, talk to me." Tyrell waves off his lawyer, insisting, "They need to know it was an accident. He shouldn't have thrown me out! Pushed me around like that in front of my friends! I just wanted to shake him up." Gil eliminates any other motive for once and for all by confirming that Jason Gilbert was just collateral damage; Tyrell admits, "I was driving pretty fast; I didn't look where I shot." Gil visibly sags, worn out by what he's just heard. Brass looks pretty hard hit too. He asks, "What about Aimee?" and Tyrell shakes his head.

This is when the faint strains of "Sky Blue" by Peter Gabriel begin -- more specifically, the point where the Blind Boys of Alabama begin to really take voice and carry the song. Tyrell and Phelps pass each other in the hall, and Tyrell can barely look at the older man. Phelps turns to Warrick and says, "I gave up on him. If I hadn't..." Warrick replies, "He gave up on himself." Gil watches Warrick watching the guards take Matt away, clearly shaken by the day's events; it's also obvious he's wondering whether he should give up on Warrick or not. He then steels himself and looks up at Warrick, noting that Warrick's been staring at him pretty intently. Warrick says matter-of-factly, "I blew it." Gil says, "Yeah. But you're not the one who's paying for it." Gil's a believer in tough love. He walks off, leaving Warrick to stand in the hall.

The next scene shows Warrick standing in the parking lot of the rec center as the doors are chained and padlocked. He watches this, and then hangs on the fence looking at the baseball field there, and the episode closes as he shuts his eyes and the Blind Boys of Alabama take us home.

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