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You're Not My Real Dad, Gil!

Wrapping up the B-plot, in sad denouement #1, Vega and Nicky stop by the maintenance room where Hugo Karlin, the general maintenance guy, is working in a duct. To make a long and sad scene short for my benefit, if not yours: he was working in the shaft above Kwan, his hammer dropped and hit Kwan on the head, he used a pinching tool to retrieve it, then retreated, scared out of his mind. Karlin explains that he didn't say anything to anyone about this because "people never notice me when I'm around here, and I figured if I covered my tracks, this time wouldn't be any different." Wrong. People now notice Karlin for sure, especially since Nicky and Vega apparently take the long way around to the squad car so poor Karlin -- whose only real crime was not calling 911 and explaining immediately what happened -- can be paraded past all of Kwan's former coworkers.

Cut to Liam making time with a cute little (female) lab tech. It's good to see he's doused the torch he holds for Sara and moved on. Gil calls for Liam and asks, "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?" Liam turns back to the tech and says blithely, "The world may never know." She giggles some more until she catches sight of Gil. Gil, surprisingly, looks almost amused. Warrick asks Liam to just try to get some DNA off the stick, and Liam, watching his paramour saunter off, says, "All work and no play makes Liam a dull boy." Gil motivates him by pointing out, "All play and no work makes Liam an unemployed boy." Oh, smacking down Liam never gets old, does it, Gil? Just then Jacqui appears to tell Gil she's got a print for him.

In her lab area, she explains that she pulled a good-sized thumbprint, and Warrick reads AFIS over her shoulder, "Tyrell Constantine. Arrested last June for joyriding. Date of birth...'87?" This guy's a juvie. He's only fifteen." Gil checks Warrick's reaction as Warrick heads off.

Within seconds, Tyrell has been apprehended and is having a frank exchange of opinions with Brass; Brass's opinion is that Tyrell is as guilty as the day is long, while Tyrell is of the opinion that he didn't shoot anyone. He demands, "Who says I shot someone?" and Gil replies, "That would be me." Heh.

Meanwhile, Warrick is talking to an orange-jumpsuit-clad Phelps -- what, they're not going to let this guy out on bail? There's not sufficient community outrage or press to help him make bail, period? -- and Phelps says, "Tyrell Constantine. Oh, yeah, I knew him. He used to hang out at the rec center." Warrick asks, "He used to?" Phelps explains, "Until he lost his privileges." Warrick states, "So you threw him out." Phelps elaborates, "He was smoking weed on the field, showing up late to practices, starting fights." Warrick asks when this happened. Lo and behold, it happened very recently.

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