Random Acts Of Violence

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You're Not My Real Dad, Gil!

Back in the A-plot, Warrick leaves the Labitrail and enters Bad Idea Country as he calls ADA Kelly's office, gets an assistant, and weasels the address Gene is staying at from him or her by claiming, "I have Gene Jaycobs's personal belongings and I need to get them returned to him...I need his relocated address...yeah, I know it's not standard procedure, but I missed him at lockup and I'm going to be in hot water if I don't get this stuff back to him."

Venturing further into Bad Idea Country, Warrick enters the motel where Gene is staying and knocks on a door. Gene comes out. Warrick says, "It's just me. Nobody here, I got no heater." Gene cops an attitude as he says, "What can I do for you, Mister Brown?" He can stand there as Warrick says, "I just thought I'd come and let you know we're going to get you for robbery, if not murder. By the time you get to lockup, every roughneck in the joint is going to know you offed a nine-year-old little girl." Gene finds this hilarious. He finally says, "You know, in school, you were a nerd, Brown. You were, remember? Every kid there used to beat your ass. Thick glasses, hand-me-down clothes, always with a book in your hand, like you were better than everybody else. Nigga, I ain't scared of you." Spoken like someone who peaked in sixth grade. Warrick gives Gene a long, level look, backs up, and dares Gene to bring it on by saying, "Wanna step outside then?" Gene scoffs and slams the door.

Well, someone got Gene to step outside, because the next shot is of his pulverized face in a hospital bed as a doctor recites, "Fractured nasal bone, fractured right zygomatic arch extending into the maxilla. Fracture of the right anterior ribs..." Brass begins talking over him as he calls ADA Kelly's office. He takes a moment to mention that the motel manager called in the beatdown, and there was no weapon at the scene. The doctor says, "Thank God his assailant only used his fists. Given the severity of force, anything else would have killed him." Brass thanks the doctor and then prepares to tear the ADA a new one, pointing out that only two people were supposed to know where Gene was, but evidently, word got around.

Word then gets to Gil, who slaps a pile of photos -- all of which detail Gene's macerated face -- in front of Warrick and gives him an angry, distrustful look. Warrick looks dismayed, then asks, "What, you think I did this?" Gil's already read Warrick's face, but he says pointedly, "I don't jump to conclusions." Warrick says that he didn't, then loses whatever ground he may have gained by adding, "I'd like to shake the hand of the guy that did, though." That hand's probably still packed in ice, Warrick. Gil hands across a folder and says, "Well, you may get a chance. [It's] your new assignment. Check out the pattern in the center of this contusion; it's probative." Warrick begins looking.

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