Random Acts Of Violence

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You're Not My Real Dad, Gil!

Cue the percussion and the harmonizing voices as we zoom back to Warrick's old neighborhood. Gil pops out of a yellow dumpster -- it's Whack-a-CSI! -- and hops down to the pavement with surprising lightness. A police car pulls up, and Gil asks the officers what's going on. We get all a cappella for a moment, and then we get a demonstration of how low-income, high-crime neighborhoods get and stay that way as the officer lackadaisically replies, "Possible burglary. Homeowners on vacation, neighbors called it in last night. We're only getting around to it now." The cops decide they're going to have to climb over the high cinderblock wall, but Gil finds a gate by the side, opens it up, and then opens the garage door for the fuzz. The a cappella continues (I think the percussion line is human; I used to work with an a cappella producer, and her recordings used to feature a similar sound), Gil smirks as the officers make their subdued way inside. Yup, it's a burglary. Gil notes that one of the spears on top of the garage gate is bent down, and suddenly imagines that a gun flying through the air might just do that. Gene's story is looking more plausible by the minute, especially after Gil sees a round of 9MM ammo laying in the dirt.

Cut to Gil slapping something down on the table in front of Jacqui. "Stovepipe, jammed in our murder weapon. Never exposed to the heat." Jacqui asks, "And you're thinking there might be a recoverable print." Gil nods. Jacqui shoots back, "Dare to dream." Yeah, there are no offers for Gil to go get a beer with her. Come to think of it, there are no women in this episode either, aside from her and Serena. Who wrote this one -- Racoona Sheldon?

Nicky, meanwhile, is going through Garrett's stuff, where we find out that a) Kwan had written a client-side spy program, b) installed it on everyone's computer, c) made backups of their activities nightly, and d) stored the backups on labeled CDs in his desk. Frankly, I'm shocked nobody found out -- there were no employees wandering around after hours "casually" glancing at people's desks and trying to figure out what was on them? Nicky makes the inevitable comparison between computer-monitoring software and Big Brother, and Archie replies, "Company owns a network, company owns what's on it. Sick, but legal." Well, yeah -- it all depends on what rights you sign away when you take the job. Nicky says, "Knowledge is power...Kwan made a new one of these every night. This [disc] was made the night of the murder. If we find out who was away from their desk at the time of his death, we've got our killer." Unfortunately, Archie discovers, "Based on those time stamps, everybody in that office was working when Garrett Kwan was killed." Nicky visibly deflates.

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