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When Double-Coupon Promotions Go Horribly Wrong

Catherine, meanwhile, is chatting with the crowd of employees and shoppers all huddled in the store's stockroom. After the usual blah-blee-blah about the ordeal they've all been through, Catherine informs them that she's going to talk to them one at a time. She skips an offer to talk to Julia Reed's husband right away.

And then, enough time passes so that it's apparently high noon. Warrick is hanging out over by Clay's body when Sara comes breezing in. As Warrick puts evidence markers down by Clay's gun (still in the dead man's hand) and a spent bullet shell, Gil shouts over the piano of poignancy, "What happened to your assault in Henderson?" Sara replies that she closed it, and she's up for working. Gil tells her there are two bodies over by the beer. Sara heads on over. For those of you who care about these things: the straightening iron is back. It must be stopped.

Warrick trains a flashlight on the body (yes, in broad daylight) and notices that the holster's frayed in the area where the gun would have been pulled out. Warrick notes that Clay barely cleared the holster; Gil wonders if maybe Clay didn't pull the trigger before he had a target. Warrick pooh-poohs that idea because Clay was "not quick enough." He looks up to the row of blood-spattered Suzy Qs, then drops another evidence marker by Clay's presumably punctured head.

Catherine is now talking to a guy played by someone who is evidently in a lot of commercials. I wouldn't know: I TiVo everything precisely so I don't have to watch commercials, and violate this rule only if I'm desperate for entertainment (see also: the weeks I watched Las Vegas) or trying to determine exactly how old and unhip I am (as when I watch The Real World or Newlyweds). Anyway, this guy is busy telling Catherine that the gunmen herded everyone into the dry-goods corner of the stockroom, then grabbed Celeste the cashier to have her work the front of the store. Catherine presses for details, and the guy snaps, "I was looking at his piece, not his face, okay?" Catherine rolls with it: "Shotgun or handgun?" It was a shotgun. Anyway, Celeste opened up the register under the gunman's watchful eye, she pulled out the cash, and then Fromansky rolled up. And then, because the robbers were churchgoers uncomfortable with taking the Lord's name in vain whilst robbing people, they apparently demanded that everyone "get down and don't say a frickin' word." Catherine prods, "And then?" The guy replies, "And then? Ankles and flashes and booms." That's almost beat poetry, that is. Catherine's all, "And you never moved from that spot?" No, he did not. Catherine catches the guy shuffling and dancing and asks, "Do you have somewhere you need to be?" and he nearly sobs, "I got to change my pants." Where's Nicky with the crapped-in-his-pants line now? Just in case we missed the meaning in that subtle bit of dialogue, we go to a crotch shot of his soaked cargos. Catherine's a little embarrassed.

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