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When Double-Coupon Promotions Go Horribly Wrong

The Who have no idea who a screaming Gil is. They're more used to his bellowing counterpart in Miami.

As the kid gets wheeled out, Gil and Brass are standing over by Fromansky's perch. Brass is all, "Tell me what happened," and Fromansky says dully, "I was in my radio car when I heard shots fired. I called for backup, and I went in." We go to flashback -- the lighting in the grocery store is much better here -- and see Fromansky looking somewhat alarmed at Clay all prone and bloody on the floor, then getting shot at. And then the flashback turns into a John Woo flick with the screaming and the bullets and the mayhem, and all we need is a dove flying around, but as there's no plausible excuse for introducing live birds into the store, we have to settle for popcorn exploding everywhere instead.

Back in the present, Brass asks Fromansky how many shots he's fired; the officer thinks he's fired four. He continues, "I saw my partner on the floor. I went towards him. Then I saw the second gunman." And we flash back into another confusing gunplay sequence. Back in the present, Brass asks how many shots Fromansky got off at the second gunman, and Fromansky thinks it was maybe five. He was a little distracted by the slug buried in his vest. Gil stops looking as though he's been standing downwind from a pig farm and rearranges his features in an approximation of neutrality -- and by "approximation," I mean "only slightly hostile and supercilious" -- and comments, "Hard to count in those conditions. Are you sure?" Fromansky snaps, "No, I'm not sure. That's why I said 'maybe.'" At last! Someone calling Gil on his interrogation style! Gil looks slightly taken aback. Fromansky reiterates that he shot four times at the third man. I need a scorecard to figure out who shot how many bullets at whom. Fromansky elaborates on how he was going to check on his partner -- probably to tell him to stop bleeding on the Ho-Hos -- when he saw a third black-clad man with a ski mask and a gun, and began firing. Brass asks if the third gunman fired at Fromansky, and he replies, "I didn't give him the chance." Brass asks for, and gets, Fromansky's piece, and then Fromansky's all, "My partner…I want to be the one to tell his wife." What exactly is he going to tell her? "He died for my Ho-Hos"? Gil still looks like he's standing knee-deep in pig offal. Anyway, Fromansky and his bruised chest hobble on out of there (presumably to practice breaking the news with lines like, "I'll bet you $5 you're the Widow Clay" or "All those who aren't the Widow Clay, step back. Um, not so fast…") and Brass checks Gil's expression, then sighs, "All right. If you're not going to say it, I will. Fromansky said he killed three, and there are two dead ski masks in there. Now, you cranked him up pretty good on that vigilante case last year. Is that going to be a problem?" "No," Gil lies through his teeth. Then he sulks off.

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