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When Double-Coupon Promotions Go Horribly Wrong

Catherine heads back to the grocery store to figure out where $900 in small bills could have scampered off to. Since the trash bag full of cash happened to be in the cereal aisle, she begins looking there to see if anything's amiss. Catherine notices an ocher stain on the floor, runs a finger through it, and sniffs. She then recoils. Good thing she didn't taste it, huh? She then flashes back to the guy whimpering about needing to change his pants, and makes an intuitive leap…into a shelf full of Puffios. Shouldn't they be called P. Diddyos now? Catherine pulls back a box and finds another cereal box on its side, stuffed with bills.

Cut to her telling Captain Underpants, "You left something in the store beside a urine stain." (And here's where that gets murky for me, as it were: wouldn't there be urine spots leading to or away from that one area? Why wasn't that covered?) After a few minutes of tired moralizing (on Catherine's part) and lame-assed justification (on his part), Catherine attempts to pin the inside job on him, but he quickly disabuses her of that idea. Opportunistic thief, yes. Criminal mastermind, no.

Gil's monkeying around on a microscope when Warrick comes in and says, "You know, Hodges already analyzed traces on the bullets." "I never trust a man who admits to liking teal," Gil replies. Or maybe he just wanted to eyeball the evidence his own bad self. "[Hodges] will take it personally," Warrick cautions. "Good," Gil replies. He's not petty or anything. Gil asks Warrick, "The report says the waitress was wearing a black wool sweater. Was she also wearing polyester?" Warrick answers in the negative. Gil bids him look at what he was eyeing in the scope: "Black fibers, probably synthetic, mixed in with the wool." They're waiting until there are five minutes left to bring the science on the show? Warrick concludes that the now-no-longer phantom third gunman was wearing a black polyester jacket. Gil concedes, "Fromansky claims he was 'tunnel-visioned' on the gunman, so it's possible he never even saw the cocktail waitress." We see how this could be in flashback, and get some more TMIcam shots of poor Julia Reed getting perforated. Warrick comments that Gil has probably just saved Fromansky's ass.

Nicky and Catherine do a quick lap through the Labitrail so we can nudge the plot toward closure by finding out who the inside person on the job was. Nicky tells Catherine he was reviewing the surveillance tapes again, and instead he found that somebody moved the camera.

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