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When Double-Coupon Promotions Go Horribly Wrong

In another room, Gil and David are poring over autopsy photos as Gil tells him that the AFIS hits on the two men turn up two convicts recently released after serving five-year sentences at Lompoc. Oh, those darn Californicators, coming over the state line to commit crimes. David shakes that off and begins putting the story together via autopsy photos: "Officer Clay was killed via a short-range shotgun blast to the back of the head. Excessive penetration and laceration in the brain. Suspect Clyde Tremmel [the TEC-9 guy]: two distant-range, medium caliber gunshot wounds to the front of the chest, with penetration of the lung and heart. Suspect Jack Delver [shotgun guy]: one distant-range, medium caliber gunshot wound to the forehead. The bullet penetrated the brain and was recovered in the occipital lobe. Rufus Sanders, bystander: scattered buckshot perforations on the outer thigh. One severed the femoral artery, resulting in massive hemorrhage. And Julia Reed, cocktail waitress: single medium-caliber gunshot wound to the left chest. The bullet perforated the lung and thoracic aorta, then perforated the opposite lung. And that's it." That's it, indeed: we have a veritable carnival of carnage, and none of these wounds rates the TMIcam shot? They can't even give us recycled TMIcam footage of bullets ricocheting around and tearing up assorted body parts? Where have the special effects gone? Surely Catherine's voluminous new 'do isn't breaking the bank with its styling product demands. Catherine looks at Julia's picture one more time and makes a serious face.

She's got a hunch, and she's playing it in the next scene when she talks to Julia's husband, asking him, "You said your wife fell during the gunfight -- that's how you got separated. Do you recall exactly how she fell? How did she land? Did she land sideways, backwards…?" Mr. Reed's pretty sure Julia fell forward. Catherine's all, "So her hands broke the fall, and landed on her knees?" That sounds about right to Mr. Reed, so naturally, Catherine pulls the a-HA moment with, "Well, there weren't any bruises or scrapes on her knees or her elbows, which is leading me to believe she didn't fall." Reed snaps, "What's the difference? She's dead." Catherine gets all high and mighty by reminding him that none of the details help her nab whodunit if the details aren't accurate. Reed changes his story: the wife got the deer-in-the-headlights look, froze up in the middle of the aisle, and got shot. It's all very wrenching, and yet, I can't really be bothered to care.

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