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After the most perfunctory of Strip shots, we transition to a minimalist tableau: a portly young man sweating under the glare of an interrogator's lamp as he stares down the barrel of a gun and listens to Sam Braun ask, "I'm going to keep this simple: who are you working for?" The kid protests that he's unemployed at the moment, and the second guy on the scene asks casually, "You got any idea what we did to chumps like you back in the day?" Said "Gimme five bees"?

The kid makes a wild guess that back in the old days, they refused to turn on the air conditioning, if the runnels of sweat coursing down his face are anything to go by. Close, but no onion. Sam says, "There's no law in this room." "You can't touch me," the kid asserts.

And then we go to his dead body crumpled at the base of a dead neon sign in the fabled YESCO neon sign graveyard outside Las Vegas. Looks like he was wrong about that -- unless Sam's a wizard and can kill people simply by thinking at them. The camera does a swoopy-doopy thing and comes down to rest on the body once more. This time, Brass, Gil, and Catherine are studying it; Brass has donned the Captain Exposition summer-weight suit and is explaining that the kid was tapped twice on the back of the head. "Tapped" is hard-boiled-speak for "shot." Gil looks a little taken aback, which seems odd until he speaks: "He's wearing a wig and a fat suit. It's not Halloween, is it? 'Cause my Spiderman costume won't be ready until the last of the spiders hatches." Or maybe he stops short. Catherine's all, "In this town, it's always Halloween." And the studs wear the fat suits 'cause they know the ladies love 'em. Whatever. Brass rifles through the wallet of deaf Ernie Menlo and snidely comments on the lack of cash. Catherine notes that the Rolex is still intact, so robbery's probably out. She asks Gil what he thinks. Gil says, "I don't know," then turns to look at the camera. Why? So he can ask us what we think? Or was it just a really clumsy transition to the sputtering Tam O'Shanter sign? "I'm looking for a sign," he says.

And The Who come on board, wondering who's responsible for that incredibly clumsy segue.

Meanwhile, in a smoke-filled back room:

Catherine's Father Issues: Well, look whose episode it is.
S.S. Geek Love: Enjoy it while you can.
The Promotion Plotline: Seriously. Because this season is mine!
Liam Goes in the Field, Part One: No. I believe I won "Most Promising Plotline" at the Continuity '04 Awards.

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