Invisible Evidence

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Deadlines for dead people

The show may or may not take place in Las Vegas. I don't know, because the sight of Warrick in a suit has more or less obliterated my ability to retain simple details. He's wearing a very nice pinstriped number, and his pale robin's-egg blue shirt picks up the color of the stripe in his charcoal suit and acts as a really nice background for a darker-blue tie. It's a good look. I'm just saying. Warrick is busy telling someone, "I searched the car in the CSI garage, and discovered the knife under the passenger seat." A lawyer hands over the knife and asks if it's the knife Warrick found. He answers in the affirmative. The lawyer then asks, "And is it true that you spend all your time wishing some woman would recap your every move on some Web site, desperately hoping she'll notice you and return your love?" "God, yes," says Warrick. Oh, damn. My fantasy life appears to have popped up again. Hang on.

Okay, so we find out that Warrick found the knife in the vehicle of one Michael Fife, the defendant whom we haven't seen. Oh! There he is now. He's one of two guys in drab navy suits and white shirts. I'm guessing he's the one who doesn't look bored so much as dismayed. The lawyer asks Warrick to describe the physical condition of the knife when he discovered it. Warrick answers that the knife was wrapped in a white towel, and both the towel and the knife were caked with dried blood. The lawyer asks how Warrick processed the evidence. He tells him, "I swabbed the blood, and sent a sample to the DNA lab. The lab technician ran a sample through CODIS. The DNA sample was a match to a recent rape and homicide victim, Rachel Lyford." As Warrick recites this, the camera switches to Gil chillin' in the audience and nodding along with Warrick's testimony. I wonder if he does that for all the CSIs, or only the anointed successors to his crime-fighting kingdom. The lawyer intones, "Rachel Lyford, who lived in Unit 7 of the Saturn Arms complex." That's like Vegas's designated rape 'n' murder condo. I wonder if the management has lessees sign something telling them their next of kin won't get the cleaning deposit back if there's excessive blood and luminal on the carpets. As it turns out, the reason the Saturn Arms is such a target for criminals is because it apparently has a monthly special for rapists and murderers, if Michael Fife and his address are anything to go by. We see the Lyford next-of-kin at the hearing; they're far more composed than I would be. The lawyer asks, "Is this knife consistent, in size and shape, to the fatal wounds sustained by Rachel Lyford?" Warrick confirms that it is. The state rests.

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