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Day breaks over Las Vegas -- sunny, cloudless, devoid of any portents of doom. Who will buy this beautiful morning? Such a day I never did see. Who will tie it up with a ribbon and put it in a box for Gil? I mean, that's what the title of the episode refers to, right? Gil's fabulously sunny day?

Oh, I sang too soon. There are men loading guns and synchronizing their watches. Then we switch to the lobby of First National Savings and Bloodbath. A blonde woman and her fidgety little boy are waiting in line. The boy turns around to gape at Detective Lockwood, who is also waiting in line. As Lockwood reaches into his coat pocket to settle his billfold, we see his badge and his gun. The kid gapes, the mom catches on, and we have a nice little moment wherein we establish that Lockwood is kind to children. Also, we can't help but wonder if nobody ever hipped Lockwood to two wondrous inventions: drive-through banking and ATM banking, because either of those financial conveniences could have dramatically changed the outcome of this episode.

Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself. First, a squadron of goons outfitted in black ski masks, all-black outfits, and long black trench coats has to march into the bank. You'd think that a teller sitting at the counter facing the all-glass wall and doors would see this crew coming and press the alarm, but you'd be wrong. You'd also think that the security guard for the bank would be stationed so he could watch both the entrance and the bank, and thus see this crew coming so he could hit 911 on his phone, but you'd be wrong there too. Their flashy entrance is apparently an enormous surprise to everyone in the bank, and within seconds, gunfire is spraying as the thugs command people to line up against the counter. One guy quickly disables the security camera. Lockwood assesses the situation and decides to go along with the up-against-the-wall crowd, a sensible survival move I would applaud but for my conviction that he won't be there long. One of the thugs threatens the blonde, "One peep and you die! The boy too!" Lockwood looks over. It's got to really bite to be an off-duty cop in a situation like this: you do something, and you risk getting killed; you do nothing, and the press has a field day afterward wondering why an off-duty cop doing his errands didn't pull a Die Hard and rescue everyone.

Anyway: mayhem, shooting, bossing around of hostages, bank manager being taken to the safety deposit vault, where he opens up the doors under threat of gunpoint. Another thug -- look, the whole point to the all-black getup is so we can't tell one guy from another, so I'm not even trying here -- enters the vault and begins placing explosives on certain safety deposit boxes within the vault.

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