Fur And Loathing

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Hey, look! It's Regular Non-Emergency David! He's out of the morgue and into the freezer, and he's telling Nick a story about another frozen corpse he once had to deal with. "Last time this happened, they tried to chop the guy out," he remembers. He also remembers that the dead guy lost an arm and a leg in the process. Ew. As a result, the city of Las Vegas apparently decided to send all of its medical examiners back to re-take ninth grade chemistry, so that next time they'd just be smart enough to use hot water like everyone else on the planet. In a shameless and most likely ultimately vain attempt to win your affections while Sobell is away, I now present you with this very special link, which will take you a 100-percent true, real-life news story that perfectly blends this episode's two main plotlines. So don't say I never gave you anything.

Anyway, we next get a TMI-cam of the ice melting, and thanks for reminding me that I have to go defrost my freezer tonight. Then poor Al Sesto's completely rigid body is raised onto a gurney and wheeled out. This segues us into one of your more standard evidence collection montages, as Nick bags and tags a handful of shotgun pellets, and Sara dusts for prints. Nick also finds a wood chip. Fade to black.

Hey, look! It's Warrick! No, really. He was right over there. I swear! Well, then, you shouldn't have blinked. That's your fault. Besides, you didn't miss much. All he did was ID Rocky Raccoon as "Robert Pitt" and show Catherine that the blue furball she found is made of synthetic fibers. What's really sad is that the guy only gets three seconds of screen time, and the exposition he's saddled with isn't even relevant to the actual plot. So why is he here? I mean, really. Why bother? Just say he's at the In-and-Out burger and be done with it. And then things get even sadder for the poor guy when Liam shows up to deliver the only information in the scene that actually will be relevant: Rocky wasn't drunk when he died, but he did have traces of "ipecac" and "civet oil" in his system. Ipecac, of course, is Mr. Yuck's beverage of choice, as it induces vomiting. Civet oil, on the other hand, is the scent of a wild cat that "has been prized since the pharaohs for being an aphrodisiac." Oh, great. Thanks for spilling the secret, Liam. Now millions of spam purveyors all over the world are going to start composing subject lines like "Make h3r h*0*r*N*EE -- C1v3t 01L-4-U. Gua ranted 0^3rn1t3!!!"

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