Fur And Loathing

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And finally, we head back to the station for an after-action report featuring Gil, Catherine, and Brass. Brass can't believe that anyone would mistake Rocky for a coyote (and I'm totally with you on that one Brass, my boy), but Catherine is ready to rule the death an accident. They explain all the same things that I just spent umpteen pages recapping (complete with flashback illustrations for those of you in the audience who are too stupid to understand people talking in short, single-syllable words), and then Brass wraps everything up with a nice tidy bow: "Well, the rancher's going to get off, Linda's dead, and Wolfie skates with a misdemeanor." "We took one look at those furry suits and thought foul play," sighs Catherine. "But this was really just a domestic dispute gone mad." "Hmm," mutters Gil. "Fur and loathing in Las Vegas." Fade to black.

And if you needed any further proof that Gil misses Sobell terribly, just check out that StTM score. 3,023, people. And that's after I adjusted for commercials. Come back, Sobell! And never leave us again!

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