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Back at the station, Nick and Sara have arrested a suspect who owns a bright blue 1984 Monte Carlo and a Mossberg shotgun with a chip missing from the stock. In other words, he's the guy who killed Al Sesto. The dude lawyers up, and that's the end of that scene.

Gil and Catherine, meanwhile, are using metal detectors to search the area around where Rocky got shot. Searching. Searching. More searching. Search for tomorrow. Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Search and seizure. And by that I mean that I had a seizure waiting for the searching to be over. Catherine eventually finds the bullet, and determines that its impact point indicates that Rocky was either shot from above or he was down on all fours at the time. "Or both," observes Gil, glancing at a nearby ridge. "I mean, imagine what it must have looked like out here at night, from a distance," he adds. "We've been looking for a person who shot a person. Maybe we should be looking for a person who shot an animal." Yeah. Because we all know that Vegas is just inundated with six-foot-tall raccoons who drive bright blue 1984 Monte Carlos.

And now it's time to wrap up the big B-plot. The hook here is that George actually knows the killer. It's his cousin, and given the context, George seems weirdly happy to see him. The killer cousin, however, is not amused. "My own blood, and you set me up?" he shouts. "I should have shot your ass in that freezer!" The Killer Kousin is led away in kuffs (which is totally Sars's favorite movie, by the way ["what can I say, I love Tony Goldwyn" -- Sars]), and George finally admits what everyone who has actually been paying attention since just after the teaser already knows: "I'm so stupid." Heh. Nick and Sara try to cheer him up (but not very hard), and George ties up all of our loose plot ends by explaining that he told the Killer Cousin all about Al and the vending machines. "Sometimes people, uh…disappoint us," says Nicky. "Why?" asks Curious George. And then a jaunty little musical segue ends the scene, and I never have to care about these people again.

Gil and Catherine are still out in the desert, but now they’ve located a dog-breeding rancher who lives near the crime scene. They establish that the guy knows all about the car crash, and then Gil asks him to run down his schedule for the evening in question. "Had dinner with the missus," the guy says. "Then I fed scraps to the dogs. Uh…watched Jeopardy. Could hardly hear it, because the dogs were so stirred up. Went outside to take a look, and spotted a coyote." In order to protect his "pure-bred" dogs, he promptly shot the coyote and went back inside to watch Final Jeopardy. Which I can pretty much guarantee you he got wrong. Gil nods knowingly, and the mystery of Rocky Raccoon's death has been solved at last. Thank God.

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