Feeling The Heat

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Life's Most Precious Cargo

Catherine is going over the Winston death car. She finds a picture of the three Winstons tucked in the sun visor, and takes a brief moment to look pained before continuing her inspection. The trunk is full of dry-cleaning, and Catherine quickly tosses that aside in favor of checking out a blue shopping bag pushed in the back. Among the items it contains: a small baby blanket embroidered with "Howard Aston Winston." Catherine holds the blanket and looks thoughtful.

The jabbering troop of talking monkeys manning the CSI weather bulletins continue to emphasize how hot and awful it is outside. Brass and Catherine are walking along a corridor in the Labitrail; instead of being lit in its usual cool blue, it's all yellowy, as though someone relocated CSI to the surface of the sun. Brass is telling Catherine, "I got the state medical records for Howard Aston Winston. Born August 12, 2000" -- Hey! Mr. Sobell and I got married on that day, in Las Vegas! -- "would have been three years old." Catherine asks when Howard died; it was last year, from Tay-Sachs disease. The two of them do a little chatting to establish that having a genetic disorder that deposits gangloside GM2 on the nerve cells in the brain sucks. Catherine notes that the Winstons never mentioned having another child. Brass adds, "Losing one kid is tough -- but two?"

Oh, God, it's the C-plot. This is such a waste: of time, of energy, of Warrick and Archie. I would tolerate this plot only if they worked in Warrick and Archie shirtless because it's too hot to stay clothed, but since they didn't, my patience is at an end. The only good part of this scene: Warrick and Archie compare notes on their preferred method of departure from this vale of tears; Archie wants an aneurysm in his sleep, while Warrick says, "I like surprises." To sum up the rest: all the electronics are in good working order, save for the phone, which is kind of melted. Warrick concludes that the current went through the phone courtesy of heat lightning, since "summer storms roll through the desert; sometimes the lightning strikes in town." The resultant path of current from sky to phone line to switch box to phone line to phone looks like an old game of Mousetrap. Archie speaks for all of us with, "Electrocution through a phone line? I thought that was a myth." Warrick brandishes the phone as evidence. Faugh.

Nicky and Sara are out on the lake, looking for Make-out Cove. Nicky spots the small craft and gives Liam a little shout-out for his know-how. There is also a towel spread out on the cove -- I'm guessing nobody else has been along since Mark and Sophia -- and Sara swabs it. She finds indicators for sex, but not for blood. Nicky notes the half-tank of gas and wonders, "Why didn't he just take this to get out of Dodge?" Sara inspects the sunscreen as she points out that leaving with a woman and coming back alone would be an excellent way to attract suspicion. Nicky looks at the steep cliff looming ahead and asks, "So he just hoofs it out of here? How?" The ranger helpfully points out the access route two miles east, but helpfully adds that nobody's going to walk out of their way to get to that in this heat. Sara notes the footprints in the sand, realizes they match up with the water shoes Sophia was wearing, and says, "Well, if you kill somebody, you find a way." This coincides with a helpful flashback to Sophia walking up the steep hill trail. Sara begins walking. With a shrug, Nicky and the ranger soon follow.

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