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Life's Most Precious Cargo

Back in the B-plot, a considerably subdued Hodges is telling Sara that the substance on Sophia's hips was suntan lotion with zinc oxide and a high SPF. Sara thinks that's odd, what with the rest of Sophia being coated in a deep, even, leather-at-age-forty tan and bottle of baby oil. She theorizes that the sunscreen got on Sophia courtesy a simple dermal transfer, and we flash to Mark grabbing Sophia's hips menacingly as she walks. We then move to the green stuff in Sophia's hair; it's all algae. "Not the free-swimming kind. These are all epilithic diatoms," Hodges says. For those of you playing along at home, that means they're growing on stones (epilithic), and they're a pretty nifty kind of algae that typically grow between two overlapping silicate shells, so reproducing means dividing so that each part gets a little shell, which then serves as an outer cover for a kind of Russian doll-like method of cellular division until there's nowhere to go but meiosis and fusing gametes that divide to release new, larger diatoms. They're pretty cool little things. Sara's all, "Girl's out at the lake, she meets some random guy she knows nothing about, she goes off." Hodges responds as if coached, "She places herself in a bad situation." Sara intones, "And bad things happen. Sophia takes a header off the Wave Runner, he bails." We see that happening in flashback. It's worth noting here that Sophia is played by former American Idol contestant Ryan Starr, so there may be a few viewers getting a vicarious thrill out of the head wound.

In the next scene, Sara's looking at a map of the lake and moaning, "This algae is everywhere." Nicky adds to the chorus of woe. Cue Liam with this week's handy hobby of the week clue: "I heard you guys narrowed down your search area to 44 square miles. That could take months." Sara glowers at him too. Boy, she is just not playing well with others on this case. Nicky says tartly, "I'm sure you're here to shed some light on the situation." Liam does. He asks, "Your case is a boy-girl thing, right?" The two CSIs confirm that it was. Liam makes sure the body was washed up by Windmill Cove (between Mesquite Cove and Six Miles Cove). He checks the rest of the map and says, "These two coves to the north -- Cottonwood Island and Tequila? Huge make-out spots -- but nearly impossible to get to by land." Sara snidely asks how Liam would know, and Liam replies, "A gentleman never tells." As Sara just stares at him, Liam adds, "Anyway, I thought that would be a good place to start. If you guys need an extra set of hands..." Nicky absently says that they don't. As Liam leaves, Sara's mouth puckers. Oh, whatever. Is this supposed to indicate that Nicky's one up on her in coworker relations too?

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