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Possibly because that empathy thing could come in handy. Sara's demonstrating why she's not the best person to handle parents with, "Mr. Young, your son was last seen with a young girl. We know that he rented a Wave Runner. Now that young girl is in our morgue, and we don't know where your son is." Understandably, Mr. Young looks like he's biting back the urge to say, "And you expect me to know?" Instead, he points out that Mark has a job and therefore has no reason to be out on the lake. It turns out Mark called in sick. Mr. Young understandably takes umbrage: "What are you saying -- that he killed this girl? That's ridiculous!" Nicky steps in to point out that nobody has said that. He adds, "We're just…" He looks over at Sara, and she gives him an eye-rolling you're on your own, pal look, and he asks, "When was the last time you saw Mark?" That would be yesterday morning; Mr. Young laments, "At this age, I can't keep track of him." Nicky grins, "Believe me, I understand. I've been there." He has? When was he raising kids? There's a sitcom in that: "He's a grizzled crime-scene investigator. They're kids...whose only crime is being orphaned! See what happens when Nicky takes on the five kids he finds at a crime scene -- and gets five hundred times the laughter and love he had before. You'll be following the evidence -- to a punchline!" Sara sulks some more. Mr. Young says, "Mr. Stokes, my son is not a criminal." Nicky calmly points out that nobody's saying he is. Sara mows on in with, "All we're saying is that your son had contact with the victim, and now he's missing. What we'd like to do is get a warrant to search your house." This is a bit much for Mr. Young to absorb. Nicky gives Sara a look that plainly says, Shut your gob until I finish this, and quickly adds, "But maybe we don't need one, if we could just come by the house and collect some of Mark's things. We could get a DNA sample, exclude him as a suspect?" Sara's looking distinctly put out that Nicky's had more of a rapport with Mr. Young and therefore been more successful; it must be frustrating when you're normally banking on your technical skills, and all of a sudden, your people skills are what sells the next step of the case. Mr. Young invites them in with, "You can take whatever you want. Mark didn't hurt that girl." Nicky looks at Sara, but she turns her head and glowers somewhere over Mr. Young's shoulder. Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, competing for a promotion ought not interfere with how they run a case together.

And now, the C-plot. You know, I thought the show had worked the urge to triple-plot an episode out of its system a few years back; I'm not loving the relapse here. Anyway, we're down in the morgue with David and Warrick. David is inviting Warrick to pinch Wesley's skin. He does, and there's no tenting, so therefore, Wesley wasn't dehydrated when he died. No dehydration in this case means no heat stroke. David adds, "Vitreous urea nitrogen and creatinine were normal. Same for sodium." I'm going to admit here that David pronounced that c-word as "cree-at-in," but it's spelled in the closed-captioning as creatinine, and creatinine itself is a breakdown product of creatine, which can be used to determine kidney function, so it makes sense from a urine-testing POV. David quickly shoots down the drugs and heart attack theories, but returns to the tiny bruise on the guy's finger. He's sectioned off the bruise under the scope; Warrick looks and comments, "The skin cells look stressed out." David tells us, "It's called nuclear streaming. It occurs when electrical current passes through tissue." So Wesley was electrocuted, but there are no burn marks because he received a low-power shock. In David's words, "The current crossed the heart. No damage to the muscle, but havoc on the rhythm. Ventricular fibrillation -- a precision clock becomes a bag of worms." We see this courtesy of the TMIcam.

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