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Life's Most Precious Cargo

We have no time to consider that, because we are now at the verdant shores of a brilliantly blue lake. What, you didn't know about the big lake in the middle of downtown Las Vegas? There has to be one, since Lake Mead is a federal area and therefore not really the CSIs' concern. Oh, wait -- that didn't stop them when they wandered into the California part of Death Valley last season, did it? Anyway, gorgeous lake. Gorgeous girl by side of lake. Gorgeous dead girl by side of lake, with park ranger explaining that he spotted her in the lake whilst doing a routine patrol, and pulled her to shore to keep her from floating away. Nicky takes in the board shorts and swimmy shoes; she was at least dressed for a day at the beach. Sara notes the lack of bloating; Nicky concludes that the lady of the lake has been dead for fewer than 24 hours. Sara notes, "Neck looks broken and her head's split, but there's no cone of foam." The ranger's all, "Huh?" Nicky explains, "We have air in our lungs. Add water, you get foam." Sara finishes, "It means she didn't drown." Yeah, well, the broken neck and the cracked head maybe got her first. Nicky points out that there are plenty of ways to die by a lake.

Meanwhile, back on the baked plains of Las Vegas, Catherine is watching the father explain to Brass that he was supposed to drop Joshua off at daycare. He explains, "My wife usually brings him on her way to work. It was a hectic morning. My cell phone was going off. Problems at the office." We flash back to this guy yammering on the phone while the baby sits quietly in the back seat and listens to the poignant piano tinkling away. This, my friends, is the dark side of all those cell phone commercials that are all, "Sure, you're a corporate drone. But your kids still love you because you spend a few minutes on the phone with them every day!" Nobody's making the ads about how those cell phones gnaw into your personal time, are they? Anyway, this clown is busy driving and talking on the cell phone -- also not something prominently featured in most of those heartstring-tugging cellular service ads -- and generally having a meltdown while his baby takes it easy in the back.

In the here and now, the father says simply, "I forgot he was in the back seat." Brass asks, "How could you forget?" The dad replies, "I'm not the one who drives him. Vickie does that." Wouldn't the change in routine be enough to prompt his memory? Apparently not. This clown continues, "I was distracted. This job consumes so much of my mind." Brass asks the question we all want the answer to: "What kind of a job is so distracting?" "I run the nationwide organ-donation program, and if I spend five minutes off the phone, a small, pale child has the kind of death that makes Little Eva's look undignified by comparison," the guy replies. Oh, wait. He doesn't either. It's "I defuse bombs for a living, and thousands of lives are at stake if I can't concentrate and tell people which wires to snip." No, no, no. That's not it. Hostage negotiator? No. Spiritual counselor? Nope. Head of logistics for Doctors Without Borders? No. Ah -- the show tells us. "I'm an agent for the gaming commission. It's a 25-hour-a-day, eight-day-a-week job." Ah. Brass asks, "Your wife work?" "She works as much as me [sic]," the father replies. And now would be when Brass asks whether these two workaholic professionals have a nanny or other full-time caretaker, since neither of them has adjusted their schedules to accommodate having a child. Except he doesn't, because we go back to Catherine's face so we can all think about how this single mother is wracked with guilt over -- oh, who cares what Catherine's conflicts are right now? We'll be revisiting them on a regular basis. In any event, the guy mealymouths about how the child neither he and his wife had time for made their brutal schedules all worthwhile. The guy then continues, "She's in L.A. on business. What am I going to tell her?" That you're a rotten multi-tasker? We focus back on Catherine looking all worked up. Why has nobody remembered that her daughter nearly died after being trapped in a car, so this might be touchy?

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