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Just then, the father of the "baby" comes through, asking all clueless, "What are they doing? Did somebody break into my car?" Of course. Don't the police always summon a lot of ambulances whenever a car window gets smashed, just in case the owner makes himself sick with distress? Unfortunately, identifying yourself as the owner of the car isn't going to do anything to endear you to this crowd. Brass turns around -- the look on his face is truly terrible -- and says, "Detective Brass, Las Vegas police. Sir, do you have a son?" The guy stares at him a moment, and then: "Oh, God! Joshua!" Catherine, who has been staring at the guy with disgust, suddenly gets a bad case of empathy. Gil is too busy to notice, since he's informing people that it's 145 degrees inside the car. The father clutches his head and gets all remorseful. Catherine's recovered from that case of parental empathy and is now giving him a shocked look. Gil, however, is glaring at the guy as if he'd like to strap him into a giant plastic seat and leave him to cook in a hot car for a while.

The Who are grateful that they're nowhere near Gil right now.

When we get back from commercial, Las Vegas is still in the middle of a heat wave. Catherine's taking pictures of Joshua the infant and telling Emergency Backup David, "If it's not babies in cars, it's babies in swimming pools. It's that time of year." As she snaps photos, Emergency Backup David notes, "Body's fully rigid. Normally, I'd say infant's been dead a couple of hours. But in this weather, I'd say the infant died no more than an hour ago." We pan back out through the crowd; the good Samaritan lady is anxiously watching the goings-on. Emergency Backup David ducks out of the car for some air. Catherine continues to snap photos, and Gil comes over to tell her, "I brought a sheet. All these looky-loos? I think we better treat this like the baby's still alive." Catherine turns to look at him as she realizes that Gil ain't carrying no baby -- dead or alive -- anywhere, and I notice that in the course of the commercial break she lost her hat and gained a ponytail. Somehow, Catherine manages to swaddle the rigid infant, Gil helps her adjust the bundle as she pulls it out of the car, and then Catherine walks it on over to the coroner's van. It seems to me that it would have been a more effective charade if actual paramedics or other folks were the ones doing the body-moving, and if they put the baby in an ambulance. What's the point of trying to "treat this like the baby's still alive" if you're going to put the body in the coroner's van? Also, while I'm at it, shouldn't someone have strapped down the body? All you need is Emergency Backup David going through one yellow light, and then there's a body in his lap.

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