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Life's Most Precious Cargo

The C-plot marches towards its finish line. Warrick explains to Gil -- who, by the way, sure did a whole lot of nothing after he excused himself from the baby case -- that the mineral strip from the chair to the burnt-out power strip indicates a steady water path. The water also hit the cookie sheet and the magazine. Warrick produces a wrapping that formerly graced a block of ice, and it's all clear what happened: Wesley had the block of ice on the crumby cookie sheet, with the fan propped up behind it to blow the evaporating water in his general direction. The water hit the floor, went to the power strip, and completed the circuit, thus electrocuting Wesley. Gil comments, "Inventive." Warrick says of poor dumb Wesley, "Guy was just trying to stay cool." And assuming he died in a state of grace, he will be staying cool.

The weather channel jackdaws have ceased chattering, but Sara's still glaring like it's 108 degrees. She walks in on Nick explaining to Mr. Young that he thinks Mark died while trying to save Sophia. Mr. Young thanks Nicky and shakes his hand; Nicky says politely if inappropriately, "It's my pleasure." Sara comes over and, after pretending to be happy to see him for a moment, asks, "What are you doing? What did you tell him -- his son died a hero?" Not necessarily -- just that it was a plausible working hypothesis. Nicky says, "Look, I'm just trying to give the guy a little peace." Sara whistles for her high horse, then mounts it while she says, "Who are you trying to help feel better -- him or you?" Well, Sara, who are you projecting your insecurities about your people skills on -- him or you? Nicky asks Sara to put herself in Mr. Young's shoes. She replies, "If the evidence doesn't support the answer, a CSI shouldn't be asking the question." She and her high horse then canter on down the hall. Nicky wanders off. Normally, I'm all, "Go, Sara!" but this just...the evidence didn't support her theory from start to finish (speaking of evidence: why was there only the sunscreen on one small part of Sophia's body? If there was dermal contact, wouldn't there be more? Or was the sex weirdly untactile?), so she's all over Nick's theory as a rebuttal? I'd argue that the evidence leads more easily to his conclusion, and yet because there was no signed statement on a rock -- "I am going to rescue this girl" -- it's somehow a less valid hypothesis than "he preyed on a woman and pushed her off a cliff"? Oh, whatever.

Catherine stands in a room and looks at giant carbon-based molecules for a while. Maybe it's performance art.

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