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Life's Most Precious Cargo

Whoa, sorry. Reeling it on in, y'all. Catherine gets changed, and Liam pops in to tell Catherine he found a therapeutic level of cough syrup in the baby's system, no more than the recommended dosage. Catherine concludes, "Between the cough syrup and the heat, Joshua probably fell asleep and the father forgot that he was there." Liam stammers, "Maybe. I also found organophosphates -- more specifically, disulfoton." This makes Catherine take notice; Liam's taking about pesticides. She asks, "What the hell's he doing with pesticides in his system?" Suffering nervous system assaults, since that class of toxin affects acetylcholinesterase?

Catherine and Brass head on over to the Winstons' house, which is remarkably free of the friends or relatives you'd expect to see around a grieving household. Brass presents the warrant, and Catherine goes straight for the gardening supplies.

While Catherine's rummaging around a potting shed, Sara and Nicky are hip-deep in the lake. Nicky's directing the scuba team to search in a spiral pattern around the anchor chain for the Wave Runner. They'd like the swimmers to go deep.

Catherine eventually finds her organophosphates, right around the same time that the divers find Mark at the bottom of the lake.

Back in an interrogation room, Brass is asking the Winstons why they never brought up Howard. Mrs. W snits, "How dare you bring up Howard. I'm a mother in mourning. I've already buried one child, now I have to bury another. One was in God's hands, the other in the incapable hands of my husband." If she felt like this about the man who fathered her children -- and she's had plenty of time to observe him, so it's not like Mr. W's seeming incompetence is a surprise -- why on earth didn't she work around it? Or build in fail-safes? Anyway, Mrs. W's all, "Show some compassion -- I'm not the guilty one here!" No, because Mr. W is more than happy to cop to that. He argues, "I'm not a bad parent. I was negligent." Some might argue that the two are more closely related than Mr. W perceives them to be. In any event, Brass drops the news that they found pesticides in Joshua's bloodstream, so he's getting a court order to exhume Howard's body as well. Mr. W adds that he and the missus went through hell watching Howard deteriorate: "Can't you let my boy rest in peace?" "Which one?" Brass shoots back. Oh, he does not. He's all compassionate with, "I'm afraid not."

The next scene begins with a focus on a tiny coffin, with a very tiny pianist tinkling a tiny little Fugue for Exhumation on top. We look at yet another CPR dummy baby on the camera screen as David explains that he's hopeful the baby was treated by a good embalmer. He adds, "The body's well-preserved. Tay-Sachs is a genetic disorder. You see the retarded musculature? Classic symptom." Catherine comments that it's a startling contrast when compared to Joshua. She uncaps a syringe and pulls a lot of fluid from the dead(er) baby, commenting, "Quite a lot of vitreous fluid left." David happily changes his assessment of the unknown mortician's work from "good embalmer" to "great embalmer."

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