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Life's Most Precious Cargo

C-plot. Eyes rolling back in head with boredom. Long story short: no lightning within three days, so there goes that theory. However, the melted phone leads Warrick to conclude that maybe the phone was how the current got out, not how it got in.

Cut to Warrick and Archie setting up the chair in the apartment again. Warrick carries on about how fickle electricity is; as he does, he shines the flashlight on the chair, and there's a very cool little black-and-white ghost image of poor departed Wesley. Since the current went out Wesley's right index finger and into the phone, for the current to have crossed Wesley's heart, it had to have been introduced on the left side. Archie notes that the soda can was in Wesley's left hand, so he had to have been shocked at some other point. There's another flashlight pass and Wesley's little ghost feet. Warrick sees that Wesley's bare feet touched the floor (where else were they going to go? Wesley wasn't exactly doing the padmasana pose in the Barcalounger) and follows a thin white line to the wall, where we see a somewhat melted surge protector. "Path of least resistance," he decrees.

Sara continues to build a case for Ryan as a killer as she and Nicky walk to the edge of the cliff overlooking the lake. Sara notes that it's a 50-foot drop. Nicky points at the case of Mountain Dew and solemnly explains, "They were doing the Dew. These kids were the victim of idiotic advertising." Yeaaaahhh. He actually pulls a different codger move: "When you're young, it looks like a whole lot of fun." Sara tendentiously drones, "Not for Sophia." We flash to her imagining of how this all played out: Ryan pushing a reluctant Sophia to the edge and then pushing her over. We see Sophia's splash reflected in Sara's sunglasses -- very cool -- and then Nicky punctures that scenario by pointing out, "The evidence isn't up here. It's down there." Funny how he seems to be working a different crime scene than Sara is.

Did you guys really think we were going to get through this hour without seeing how the Winslow case affected Catherine? If so -- I point and laugh in your general direction: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! She's opening up her locker; out pops the poignant pianist and his Heartstring Ditty. There are also pictures of Lindsey as a very little girl, and as a slightly older one with Catherine. Hey! Remember when Catherine had bangs? This picture does. There's also a crayoned picture of "Super Mommy" and another reading, "Do you feel guilty for neglecting your living daughter yet?" Well, maybe I made up that last one. It's just that we see so few instances where Catherine seems to be glad she has her job, or where she demonstrates any conviction that working outside the home makes her happier and therefore better able to parent her daughter; Catherine's entire character is one-woman propaganda machine for the idea that women who are working parents aren't capable of having either personal or professional satisfaction, thanks to the choices they've made.

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