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It is necessary to suffer to be beautiful.

Cut to Brass asking Alfano why he didn't contact police; Alfano rasps with asperity that until half an hour ago, the tube down his throat made conversation tricky. The story he now tells: as he was jogging by, he heard someone shouting from within the tent, "Someone help me!" Ah, an angry Cirque du So Lame ticket holder. Actually, it was Beckman, passed out inside. Alfano broke in, began dragging the body toward the window, but began choking on gas, and thus was forced to flee. He went to Rory's for help, and it's all black after that. Liam is dispatched to Rory's to find evidence confirming the story, which he's able to do.

Liam then pops under the Cirque du So Lame tent and back into the Beckman house, where he finds Sara standing around looking rueful. She's probably wondering why she's working with Liam instead of Warrick. Speaking of whom -- where is he, anyway? Has he been calling in sick to avoid Catherine?

In any event, Sara tells Liam they missed something: "The directionality of the floor rug. The center of the rug is pointing toward the side window -- confirms [Alfano's] story. We're back to Rory Kendall." Or, as I like to call him, "Red Herring." Oh, come on! Like you weren't thinking it. We're only at the 25-minute mark. Sara continues to trip down the primrose path of false leads by reasoning, "If he didn't leave the house for two days, why didn't he answer the doorbell when Zach rang the bell?"

Cut to Rory explaining, "I was sick. I figured it was some Girl Scouts selling cookies." Wrong answer! Girl Scouts sell cookies in the spring. ["In the Garden State, they sent us out in January. Still the wrong answer, though." -- Sars] Sara's not buying the explanation either; she tells us all the results of his urine tests reveal that his urine's just not very smart. Actually, they reveal that he's got sulfuryl fluoride in his system. Given how leaky this tent was, it's a wonder the entire neighborhood doesn't have sulfuryl fluoride in its system. However, Sara comes to the exact opposite conclusion, arguing that Rory had to have been inside the house and "you had a fight, you knocked him out, and you dragged him into the house through a side window." Brass tags in with, "You figured the fumigation would cover your tracks and we'd tag it up to an accident." Rory asks why they figure he wants to kill his neighbor; Brass suggests that Rory snapped after the stress of filing five noise complaints got to him. What, does Brass think Rory's a delicate flower? We live below people purporting to be college students, and five noise complaints is a slow month for us. Rory more or less points that out, so Brass exposits that there is also an assault charge stemming from a neighborly tête-à-tête last spring. Rory rebuts, "I overreacted, I apologized, charges were dropped." Brass could not care less: Rory's now under arrest, presumably for murder.

Down in the morgue, we're getting introduced to our third victim of the night, Ms. Renita Loakes, age 38. She began as a routine autopsy. David exposits, "She was shopping at the Venetian. Keeled over at LaCoste. Physically, she was in excellent condition, so I figured spontaneous aortic dissection or maybe pulmonary embolism. Then I noticed the Mees' lines. " As Catherine says -- just like Ms. Stern. So David sewed Ms. Loakes back up and began painting her face with toluidine blue, to highlight the tiny pinpricks he saw on her face; the perforations line up with an acupuncture facial designed to reduce the signs of aging. But wait! There's more! David extracts Ms. Loakes's stomach and "for only the second time in my career, in the space of two days, I found urine in the decedent's stomach." And how -- he wrung that organ out like a sponge. Nicky declares that surely, this must be more than mere coincidence. Catherine muses, "Two women, both fighting the toll of time, die prematurely. Why?" Because TPTB want to make a heavy-handed point about how unfair societal standards of beauty are on a show that does little else to refute or reject them? That's my best guess.

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