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It is necessary to suffer to be beautiful.

Speaking of mouthfuls of liquid, that's more or less what killed Beckman. As David explains, "The termite fumigant entered his bronchioles, causing his lungs to fill with fluid. COD is pulmonary edema and respiratory arrest." "Just like a drowning victim," marvels Sara. "Didn't I say that at the beginning of this scene?" David shoots back. Sara then asks about the bruise on Beckman's cheek; it turns out his zygomatic arch is fractured. David helpfully adds, "Given the force needed to cause this type of damage, the injury's more consistent with an inflicted blunt force trauma than a simple fall. If that's what you're asking."

Cut to Catherine jabbering in the general direction of some baby-faced lab tech. He's busy ignoring her by peering in his microscope; she's telling him arsenic is the primary ingredient in NoK's pesticide of choice, so it's kind of funny how he's ruling it out as a possible poison. The tech carefully explains, "The pesticide is a copper-arsenic mix. It's chemically different than the arsenic ingested by Ms. Stern. And FYI, that pesticide was outlawed by the EPA years ago. This guy is poisoning the soil." Catherine's dismissive: "So he's not a killer. He's a polluter." Catherine! This stuff gets into groundwater and kills things. Did you learn nothing from Erin Brockovich? Weren't you IN Erin Brockovich? Enviro-tech shares my hard-line attitude in re: environmental despoilers. But before we can come to a true meeting of the minds, Enviro-tech moves on to discuss the urine found in Ms. Stern's stomach. Catherine admits, "I'm not sure if it's hinky or kinky." Enviro-tech grosses Catherine out with a story about how he and his little ballplayer friends would pee on their palms during spring training to toughen them up. Catherine's all, "Is this a come-on? Are you quizzing me about water sports? Because, ew. But you still find me attractive, right?" Or something along those lines. She says, "Remind me never to shake your hand." "I'll put on a glove first," he replies. Because like so many of the other lab techs, he's afraid to hit on Sara, so Catherine's the closest he'll come to flirting with a real live girl. Catherine flirts back, since she's nothing unless she's validated by the male gaze.

Because I just can't get away from the conversations about pee, the scene switches to Liam and Sara dishing on the liquid. Mercifully, there is no innuendo involved -- only the knowledge that Rory's got sulfuryl fluoride in his urine. Liam's ready to declare the guy guilty, but Sara chirps that she's lifted prints from the clamps holding the tent together and matched them to a neighbor who was booked on drunk and disorderly in 1982 -- but it's not Rory. It's one Zach Alfano, who was rushed to the hospital two days ago after a bout of prolonged projectile vomiting.

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