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It is necessary to suffer to be beautiful.

Catherine then stalks out of the office, and some ethereal-looking mannequin Dr. Malaga employs for the sole purpose of stoking his clients' aging fears goes striding past. The woman earns her day's pay, as Catherine's brought up short in front of a mirror, and she stands there, wondering if something's wrong, as it's been several minutes since anyone's told her she's STILL ATTRACTIVE.

And you know, this is the second episode in a row where I've been compelled to rant a little. So those of you who skip that sort of thing, pretend the following paragraph is all, "Blah blah, where's Warrick? Blah blah, would it kill you to toss a little Archie into the mix? Blah blah."

The ending was total hogwash, because the show is trying to have it both ways by packing the cast with folks who routinely land on People's "We'd Do 'Em" lists and then asking us to be all, "Yeah! They share my fears about getting ooogly! They're Just Like Me." And while there's plenty of room for a storyline where we are shown how a character like Catherine still thinks of her self-worth in terms of some externally-defined beauty criteria and how damaging that can be, the reason there's plenty of room is because little in this episode filled in that space. Instead, we got a lot of "Oh! She's afraid of aging, just like these silly women! And silly Catherine! She still has plenty of men to confirm that she's STILL ATTRACTIVE and therefore still worth something!" I know better than to expect any woman on a mainstream television show to be all, "You know what? I believe I look good. Because I say so," but it's pretty asinine to make this show about the identity crisis that comes from needing validation vis-à-vis the male gaze and try to pass that off like it's some great abstract societal evil instead of an active plot element perpetrated every ten minutes in the episode. Argh.

And that's it. Because really -- where's Warrick? And would it kill someone to toss a little Archie into the mix?

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