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But evidence, schmevidence. It's not the swing shift if someone doesn't have a personnel beef, and Nicky's is that "I am concerned that Detective Cavaliere's moving ahead of forensics on this one." Catherine replies, "He can move as fast as he wants -- the D.A. won't file without physical evidence, and right now, we got nothing."

Meanwhile, Sara's busy amassing some evidence of her own. While sitting in front of a computer screen and tapping away, she explains to Gil, "Sandra Acheson called her husband at exactly 3:30 PM today. I secured a 2703-D court order for the number she was calling. It was a cell phone. I contacted the cell phone company and found out that Jesse answered his cell near Tower 8, phase west. Given the signal strength, he was within two blocks of the tower. His wife said she hadn't seen him in several days, so I had Homicide check registration at all the hotels within the [specific] area. He's booked at the Tangiers." Going by the look on Gil's face, he's just fallen in love with Sara all over again. Frankly, I may have too -- she's bringing the A game this episode, and it's a welcome relief from boozy Sara, or lovelorn Sara. Grasshopper, Gil's Adopted Son Number Three interrupts this little moment to share the news: the rapist's semen came back positive for cocaine. Gil's all, "But…we usually don't screen semen for cocaine," and Grasshopper, Gil's Adopted Son Number Three burbles, "I know that, but given our suspect's priors for blow, I had a tech run an immunoassay specific to the drug." Gil's impressed. He comments, "Wow. You guys are rendering me obsolete." Ah, Gil. You'll always have a fervent internet cult to succor you, just like the Newton.

Sara begins brainstorming: "So Jesse's coked up. He commits the crime. He drives down to the Strip and he checks into the Tangiers?" Grasshopper, Gil's Adopted Son Number Three points out that there aren't any vacancies currently on the Strip. Gil suggests, "Maybe he's back in the game again, selling coke to out-of-town businessmen from the comfort of his hotel room." Sara's all, "So he takes a break from his job, rapes and kills the vic at another hotel, and then goes back to work?" Gil's all, "Well, when you put it like that, it sounds stupid." Oh, he is not. Instead, he comments, "Even cokeheads need a diversion every now and then." There's clearly a market opportunity for a motivated hobby store operator here: "Get the cokehead in your life The Sims! It's that or homicide!"

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