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Okay, stepping out of my happy place and back into the scene…Jason Segal gets all kerfuffled in the presence of a live female human who is not recoiling from him or asking for help on her homework, and dives back into the safety of software talk: "The technology's pretty new, you'll get hammered on cross, but it definitely works." And how: the algorithm is cued to recognize the dominant red color and wipe out all the others so that only the splotch remains. Sara asks, "Mind if I watch?" Jason Segal gets all flustered again and says, "Voyeur, huh? I like that." Sara's all, "Oh, if only I had the ability to more sharply focus my power to turn grown men into tapioca." Within seconds, all that's left is the big splotch, and then Jason Segal amplifies the fingerprint, scans it into AFIS, then finds a hit. Unsurprisingly, the splotchy print belongs to a splotchy guy -- one Jesse Acheson: "Multiple convictions. Cocaine, possession, intent to sell. In and out of jail for the past seven years," Jason Segal rattles off. And also, Jesse's in an acting gang. All the members swell up like beached whales and travel on a trail of their own perspiration. As luck would have it, Jesse was out during both murders.

We're now at stately Acheson Acres over in Henderson, where a lot of Las Vegas's finest are knocking on the door. Mrs. Acheson is none too sympathetic towards Brass and Sara's search for her husband. Brass asks if she knows where Jesse is, and Mrs. Acheson snorts, "No idea." "Well, your marriage is just full of romance, isn't it?" he shoots back. Oh, Brass, how I love you. Sara tries to talk her way in, but Mrs. Acheson would rather get back to ripping all her t-shirts up in her ongoing efforts to pilot a Flashdance fashion revival. She and her "Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!" t-shirt (complete with fashionable rips) disappear behind a slammed door. "That was fun," Brass deadpans. It cannot be said enough: Oh, Brass. How I love you.

Sara then gets a bright idea. She asks Brass and the uniforms to make a big, showy exit, the better to let her lurk around this dodgy neighborhood without any protection whatsoever. In Sara's five minutes of spying time before the cops swing back around again, Mrs. Acheson puts down the fabric scissors long enough to call her husband on his cell phone and clue him in that the cops were just there. The entire tenor of the conversation: she's tired of being Jesse's girl.

Back in the Labitrail, we go into montage number two. It is doing nothing to disprove my thesis that the music supervisor's working off one track. Nicky's matching up shoe impressions and confirming that the Hawkins parents didn't kill their kid, but discovering that Matt Hawkins had better have a good explanation for why his shoe prints are outside the window or else. Catherine's futzing around with fiber samples, the better to share her discovery that Matt's hair was on Ty's t-shirt. Nicky points out that their evidence "could be related to the murder, or just to the result of two brothers living together." The interesting new thing: the blue fibers Catherine pulled off Ty's t-shirt. The reason they're so interesting: nobody in the family was wearing anything blue.

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