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And now David's got a case that baffles him: looking at the preteen Ty's pulverized face, he asks, "How could a preteen have made someone so mad? COD's blunt force trauma. I counted 14 separate blows. Several more were coinciding. Cylindrical object about one inch in diameter." Golly, that sounds a lot like our exemplar. Especially after David points out the threaded pattern apparent in one of the deep, skull-caving blows on the boy's forehead. The boy has no defense wounds, so Catherine and David conclude that he was beaten to death in his sleep.

And now, in a scene proving that Cavaliere doesn't just appear on CSI, he watches it too and is therefore familiar with the thesis "when in doubt, assume the kid did it," the cop pins the murder on baby-faced Matt. As Nicky tries to process evidence, Cavaliere snarls, "The second I laid eyes on you, I knew what went down. You took a pipe from the backyard, you went into Ty's bedroom, and while he was sleeping, you beat his brains to a pulp." Nicky looks up all, "Do you mind? Some of us have delicate stomachs here." Cavaliere continues, "What the hell is wrong with you, kid? Your little brother is dead. What'd he ever do to you? Don't you look at [Nicky]. He can't help you. Nobody can help you. You're going to prison. And at 14, that means life. I'm TALKING TO YOU, YOU LITTLE --" "Detective!" Nicky interjects, thinking that perhaps before Cavaliere introduces any new words to the would-be perp's vocabulary, now might be the time to see whether they should maybe have a parent or advocate or lawyer present during this minor's interrogation.

Nicky and Cavaliere repair to the hallway for a frank and open exchange of views:

Nicky: We don't have enough evidence to suggest that the boy killed his brother.
Cavaliere: What are you getting at?

Nicky then suggests that Cavaliere maybe try talking in his indoor voice, and consider catching flies with honey rather than vinegar. Cavaliere suggests that perhaps Nicky would like to bypass using the urinal in the men's room in favor of pissing up a rope.

We then move on to a plot where someone from the swing shift isn't picking a fight with a coworker. I know! Radical idea! But try working with me here. Anyway, Sara wanders in as a bearded Jason Segal burbles, "Call me a geek, but this background subtraction application software is the bomb!" I wouldn't have called you a geek over that, boy-o. I would have called you a geek because the beard makes me think "Gil Grissom; the Larval Years." Clearly, it's having the same effect on Sara too, as she says amiably, "Only geeks still say 'the bomb.' But if you ask me, geeks should be revered." Can you imagine a geek temple? Wouldn't it be awesome? Of course, you'd have to have a sacrificial platform on top, upon which you'd offer up violators of Godwin's Law to a harsh pantheon of left-brainers.

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