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Cut to a shot of a file box with the legend "Stein, Sue. May 12, 1999." We pull back to see that Ecklie's actually standing in a lab workroom, and then Sara appears in the doorway and says with a bright, forced smile and bright, forced casualness, "Ecklie! What's up?" Ecklie shows the true magnitude of his nature with "I paged Grissom." "And he paged me. How can I help you?" "You can help me plot against the guy who contrived to get us in this awkward little labside chat," Ecklie snarls. Oh, he does not. He just basks in the phosphorescent glow of Sara's shining professionalism, then shifts to a carefully neutral tone as he explains, "Five years ago, there was this day shift case. Homicide. Victim was a flight attendant named Sue Stein, from Palo Alto, California. She was raped and murdered in a local hotel. Killer was never apprehended." Sara studies the pictures, in which a lingerie-clad Sue Stein -- and wow, do flight attendants have the best lingerie, or what? -- is lying in the same posture in which we saw Martha, with the same defensive wounds and fatal torso knife wounds. Sara has several flashbacks between Martha's crime scene and Sue's, just so we make the connection. Ecklie continues, "Vic's clothing and suitcase were missing, room was immaculate, smelled like disinfectant." "Same signature," Sara says. "One difference. In the prior case, the body was found in a first-floor room. Sliding glass door facing the pool was unlocked." Martha was killed on a second floor. Sara then asks if there was any semen collected in Sue's case; Ecklie says there was, and he's already asked Mia to compare it to Martha's sample. It's funny how in this scene, Ecklie can't even bring himself to look at Sara directly. So apparently, the secret here is to treat him like you do a cat: outstare him, and you'll have established your dominance during the transaction. Now all Sara has to do is hope Ecklie doesn't adopt the feline payback method of the 4 AM face dance.

Sara is too busy asking about an evidence photo to think that far ahead. Ecklie hands over a photo of "the only print we found. Impressed in Sue's blood on the bedspread near her hips. The pattern on the [bedspread] fabric made it impossible to read." Sara tells Ecklie much has changed in this, the future.

When we get back from commercials, we're already five minutes in the future -- plenty of time for technology that can read tricky fingerprints to have been developed, right? The scientists are presumably busy working on it off-screen, because now is B-plot time. Cavaliere's trying to get Mr. Hawkins's prints, and Hawkins is snapping, "My son is dead! Why are you fingerprinting me?" Poor Lee Tergesen -- he must get tired of playing people whose sons get killed. Nicky explains politely, "I'm going to dust your house for prints, sir. I need to know which ones are yours." This seems to soothe Mr. Hawkins. So Cavaliere spins him up again establishing the particulars of his story, but doesn't get too far before Hawkins blurts, "I already told you [everything]. Twice. I got questions too, you know. Why Ty? Why not me? How could my wife and I sleep through it all?" His voice breaks and his face crumples and I am reminded once again that insofar as actors go, you could do a lot worse than this guy. Unfortunately for Hawkins, nobody in that room is equipped to answer any of his questions. Instead, they're going to ask him to stand up so they can take pictures. Hawkins pleads, "Is this really necessary?" and Cavaliere goes to bat for Nicky, explaining, "Let him do his job." Nicky throws in a few more "please" and "sir"-type things to soothe the inconsolable, and then he snaps photos of the tremendously unhappy-looking Hawkins. And really, who would expect Hawkins to grin at a time like this? His day isn't getting any better; he's got to leave his shoes. Will the indignities never end? Apparently not: he asks what happens next, and Cavaliere's all, "You and the missus are free to go." "What about [my son] Matt?" Hawkins asks. "Oh, we're putting him in with the neo-Nazis tonight. What's the worst that could happen?" Cavaliere replies.

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