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We head to the bedroom, where the considerably tenderized body of Ty Hawkins is curled up on the bed. "Mother came in to wake him, and found him like this," Cavaliere says, gesturing so we can all see the nasty purple marks all over the kid. Nicky checks him out and sighs deeply, "Beaten to death." "This many blows makes it personal," Cavaliere concludes. Emergency Backup David pops up out of nowhere to take a liver temperature. What, did they summon him by chanting, "Fahrenheit, Fahrenheit, Fahrenheit"? Catherine's wearing a look like "this would really upset me if I had kids," and she asks if anyone's found a weapon. Nope. Also, how the killer got in is something of a mystery, as the house was locked tighter than a drum and there's no sign of a forced entry. Cavaliere's about to head down to the station to talk to the family. "I'll leave you two here to look all doleful at the preteen tartare," he adds, before taking off.

Oh, he does not. He asks Nicky to come on by later and print the Hawkins family. After Cavaliere rolls, Catherine decides she'll work the inside of the house. "I could use the fresh air," Nicky agrees, and goes to work the outside.

Thus beginneth the montage. Catherine begins swabbing and printing everything in the room while Nicky works on the yard right outside the boy's window. He finds a few footprints and begins pouring plaster, while Catherine eliminates a baseball bat from the would-be murder weapon list. Nicky also notices that someone scratched the word "BRAT" into the window. Catherine, meanwhile, has gone to check the laundry room. She finds some crumpled clothing and bed sheets in the washing machine, runs an ALS on it, and finds…some sort of stain.

The montage, she continues as the music keeps playing. Frankly, all the music is beginning to sound alike to me: the producers could have simply bought one track, then played it slower or faster depending on the episode, and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Nicky heads toward the trash cans and finds a bundle of pipes stashed there. One appears to be missing. He picks up a similar pipe and begins taking photos of it. He then brings it over to Catherine and explains that he's using it as an exemplar of a possible murder weapon. Catherine shares her laundry room discovery and adds, "ALS'd for blood, found urine." That passes without comment, and Nicky concludes, "Whoever killed this boy knew how to get in and out of the house without waking the family." Or they're actually still in the house. Hey -- why not leave that possibility open?

Back at the morgue, David the Direct Coroner shrugs, "No mystery here: Ms. Krell was violently stabbed to death." He sounds so bored by that. Is he hoping for one of those situations where Grasshopper, Gil's Adopted Son Number Three brings a body stuffed in a suit of armor with a duck poking out of the mouth, then gasps, "You figure it out, Doc. I'm stumped!" Anyway, this isn't so much of a stumper: Martha Krell was brutally raped, then stabbed. After establishing that even among rapes this was something of a doozy, Gil muses, "I don't know why people think rape has anything to do with sex." "If a guy just wants sex, he can hire a hooker," David concurs. Then there's an awkward silence as both men mentally add, …so I've heard.

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