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We now get to see Catherine's science experiment. She's soaking a dummy in blood. She looks up to regard Warrick, who is wearing a white cashmere sweater and a look like, Days like this, I wonder why I didn't find a job wearing leather chaps. He will be playing Martin in Catherine's experiment. Nicky, clad in a similar sweater, will be playing Walter's role, and Judy will be playing Matt. Yes, Judy is pressed into role-playing service regularly. Anyway, here's the deal: Catherine's set up a platform the same height as the bed; everyone is to come on up and whale away on the dummy, and she'll use the white sweaters to see how the blood spatters, as it'll appear in different parts of the torso depending on the height of the assailant. Judy comments, "Just like Chuck-E-Cheese. Whack a Mole." Yes. Only without any possibility of PETA protests.

Warrick whacks-a-dummy first, and we see the Osmont Cam shot of Martin doing it; Nicky does it and we see the Osmont Cam shot of Walter doing it; Judy does it, and we get the Osmont Cam shot of Matt doing it. Catherine then lines everyone up so she can look at the blood spatter -- Warrick wearing an expression like, Days like this, I wonder why I don't have a job at a batting cage. -- and it looks like Judy's spatter is the closest match. Aww, she's just so darn cute standing there. The flashback to Matt bashing in his brother's head? Not so darn cute.

Cut to our teenaged killer lipping off to Nicky, "Like I told [Cavaliere], I did it. You want a medal for figuring out what I already said." Yvonne and Martin and watching from behind the interrogation room's window, devastated. Cavaliere points out, "You never told me why." Matt wonders why it matters anyways. In the interrogation spy-chamber, Yvonne collapses all over Martin as Warrick stands there, wearing a look like -- oh, you get it. Just suffice it to say, if he hates his job as much as he looks like he does, there had better well be a darn compelling reason for coming in every day. Beyond "because I will be doing the horizontal bop with the boss lady," I mean.

Warrick tells Martin to go on into the room, and he does. Matt all, "Dad?" in a tone that's halfway between "Can you get me out of this?" and "Are you going to ground me for this?" Martin's all, "Don't you 'Dad' me, you little goblin. You're clearly the son of Satan." Oh, he is not. Instead, he rasps, "Why? I want to know why?" Matt, who is dissolving under his dad's gaze, chokes, "Dad…" and his father grits, "Why? I want to know why, dammit. Ty looked up to you. He…he loved you." Matt's face screws up in embarrassment, remorse and rage, and he shouts, "He told! He told everyone!" Martin's honestly puzzled: "That you wet the bed?" "SHUT UP!" Matt screams, livid that the police now know his horrible secret too. Both Matt and his father are absolutely stunned as it sinks in for both of them how jacked up the kid was over his bedwetting problem, and how permanent his solution was. Matt collapses into his chair and weeps, "Dad, I'm sorry." He struggles to say something, anything else as Martin looks toward the window his wife's hidden behind. Everyone is crying. Nobody has it together enough to say, "Sorry doesn't reattach your brother's skull now, does it?"

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