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And now, Catherine's working with her boys, outlining the problem: "So we got three suspects, three scenarios." Nicky elaborates, "Matt could have worn his dad's sweater when he killed Ty, then dumped it in the park where Walter found it." Catherine rebuts, "Or Dad could have worn it and dumped it in the park." Warrick adds, "Or the sweater could have accidentally been left in the park, and Walter the homeless guy could have picked it up and worn it, when he entered the house through the screen door and killed Ty. But none of the evidence goes to motive." "Not our problem," Catherine says. She adds, "Let's just stay focused on the sweater. It's tied to the victim and the scene. We need to tie it to the killer."

So Catherine gets a bright idea: Martin Hawkins is about 6'2" -- Warrick's height. Walter is about 5'10" -- Nicky's height. And Matt Hawkins is 5'. She's off to round up a five-footer, and tells the boys to meet her in the garage in half an hour.

But first, there's an A-plot to get through. Gil is busy stating, "Mr. Michaels, in my work over the last 25 years, I've come to understand the kind of person who's a rapist killer." "Is that an accusation?" asks the attack lawyer. Gil says coolly, "Well, a woman was murdered in your client's hotel. He has a right to hear our theory. The killer is clearly a psychopath. He's killed more than once. I'm sure that before his first rape and murder, he fantasized about it for years. During that time, he engaged in behavioral tryouts, stalking women and attempting to coerce them sexually, each time moving closer and closer to the actual event. I believe that after you consummated your first attack, you felt excitement greater than you anticipated. Your only regret was that she died too quickly. But you took solace in the knowledge that, uh, you could do it again. In fact, your subsequent victim had similar characteristics to your first victim." While Gil's been talking, every time the camera closes in on Hayden's face, we go to a flashback scene of one of the rapes and murders. It's not clear if we're getting the rapist's-eye view of what happened, or if Gil is imposing his narrative on Hayden or what. The attack lawyer makes a dominance display, and Gil shoots back, "What differentiates a psychopath from a heat-of-the-moment killer is forethought. And you thought about for a long time." "Thank. You. For the fascinating seminar, but you have no evidence so we are free to go."

Just then, the door clicks open, and Sara strolls in with an airline roller bag. "Actually, I have some evidence," she says perkily. She lifts the suitcase onto the table, notes Hayden's transfixed expression, and cocks an eyebrow as she asks, "Mr. Michaels?" Forget Gil falling in love with her all over again -- I'm digging her too. Cue Hayden's meltdown: "She can't do that. I know my rights! The bitch BROKE INTO MY CAR!" The lawyer's all, "Do you enjoy wasting $500 an hour, asshole?" And then he recovers with, "I don't remember seeing a warrant, Ms. Sidle." Sara says, "I don't have a warrant. I'm just following a hunch." "Well, then you just set my client free," the lawyer says. Wrong! Sara explains, "Western Airlines issues this exact type of wheelie to all its flight attendants. Since Martha's wheelie wasn't in the hotel room, we thought the killer took it as a souvenir. This particular suitcase is not Martha's wheelie." But it is a wheelie -- with a tape recorder. Gil says smugly, "Now that we know where to find it, and we have your client on tape, I bet you we'll get a warrant." Then, just to rub it in, he thanks Hayden. B-U-R-N, burn!

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