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To soothe himself, Nicky processes the sweater, and finds an ultraviolet cleaning stamp on there from Yung's Cleaners #555-99-A167. He runs off to tell Catherine of his discovery, and it turns out that it's Martin Hawkins's sweater. We quick zoom to the Hawkins place where, in short order, Martin goes from, "Hey! That's my sweater!" to "Did you just say, covered in my son's blood?" Yvonne's now looking all suspiciously at her husband. He's all, "Do I need a lawyer?" Now we know why Matt got that C+ in social studies.

Back in the Labitrail, Gil pops by Hodges's workstation. "You called me?" he asks, dread coating every syllable. Hodges tells him, "Yeah. Mia sent me that hair wad you pulled out of the hotel drain. It's coated in bleach. I'm thinking the killer must have poured the stuff down the drain, really compromised the trace." Gil doesn't even bother to keep the irritation out of his voice when he asks, "That's it? A compromised wad of hair?" I have that reaction every morning in the mirror, Gil. You get used to it eventually. Hodges soldiers on: "I called you to discuss the bleach. The hair wad smelled a bit woodsy to me, which is odd, considering it should only smell like bleach." Gil asks, "You sniffed it?" "That disgust you?" Hodges asks defensively. "No. It's the first time you've ever done anything to impress me," Gil replies. Hodges makes a mental note to stop breaking into Gil's place and spelling "I LOVE YOU" on his coffee table using old cicada molts, as it's clearly wasted effort. Hodges recovers and says he analyzed the bleach, which contains a cedar additive. Gil says absently, "Thanks, David." David? Another one? Why don't they just name EVERYONE on this show David and have done with it?

Cut to the Four Aces. We see another trolley dolly strolling down the hall with her roller bag behind her, and then we're in Hayden's office, where he says, "Smarm, smarm, smarm, here's my housekeeper to explain why the bleach smells like cedar, smarm." Lucy explains that a few years ago, the guests were carping about the smell of bleach in the bathroom, since they had gotten bored with bitching about how their diamond shoes pinched and therefore turned their attention to the unbearable burden of staying in a hotel room where the bathrooms were actually sterilized between guests. Well, Lucy doesn't editorialize as much as I just did. She just got creative and began dropping cedar chips into her bleach. So am I a total Stepford wife because I am now considering going out and buying a bottle of bleach and a block of cedar to test her solution?

Anyway, as Brass continues to grill Lucy over who could have had access to her bleach and why, Gil lets his eyes wander all over Hayden's desk. There's one picture of him with what looks to be two teenagers, and another of him with his new trophy wife and a baby one presumes is his. The music swells all dramatically as Lucy notes, "We've had problems with theft," but I don't think we're about to discover that a bleach thief unwinds with a little rape-and-murder. What we find out is that Hayden's two oldest kids are at UNLV, and his baby son is only six months old. Going by the looks of Wife #2, he met her while he was moving the kids into UNLV. What, was she their RA? Anyway, Gil muses, "So you must have had your vasectomy reversed." Hayden's all, "And why are we talking about my vasectomy?" but Gil plows on, "You also have access to the bleach. So you won't mind if I take a DNA sample." Actually, it turns out he will. And he's now more eager than ever to keep this whole thing out of the media. Lucy is giving Hayden a look like she is not at all surprised that he's a serial rapist-murderer too.

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